Dec 07. 2017

“Get the kids to help with the laundry” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. It’s all fun and games until that school shirt is forgotten at the bottom of the basket and panic starts slowly sinking in during a hectic week. Such laundry horror stories have been passed down from generation to generation but we now have some legendary tales about a washing machine which allows you to add clothes and even fabric softener during the wash. Don’t believe us? Well then, believe them:

Bi. Kisilu: “I have 3 kids and during the cold season or the school term, let’s just say that the sock matching ratio in my house is absolutely ridiculous. I mean I buy matching pairs, each and every time but I promise you after each laundry session, there’s always a mismatched pair. After upgrading from my buckets and ‘karais’ to an Addwash washing machine and it’s literally transformed this sock business. Each sock goes into the wash even those that always get forgotten under the desk, table, in the covers and that’s ‘cause my lovely machine can pause during the wash and has a front door through which I can throw in those pesky socks and get them washed! All our pairs match now! ;)”

Mr. Damian: “We really needed to upgrade our washing machine and I was tasked with the great responsibility of searching for and of course purchasing the new machine. Among the many things I was looking for, safety was top of my list. This is because having a 2 year old and a 5 year old in the house, anything can turn into a hide-and- seek spot, washing machine included! It’s happened before and my wife and I nearly had a heart attack when the 2 year old tried opening the washing machine mid-cycle and wanted to hide there. So when I went into the shop and asked to see the washing machines, an attendant enthusiastically showed me the AddWash machine. My first question was on the safety features and to my utmost relief I got to learn the machine comes with a child lock feature which keeps the door locked until it is deactivated. What’s more, the door cannot be opened if the drum temperature is above 50 °C so as to prevent injuries. Safe to say that I walked out with the Addwash machine ;)”

All this and more can be experienced only with the AddWash machine. You know you need it, you know you want it, go get it!