2018 has started off with a bang guys! CES 2018 had jaws dropping from …Let’s just take a look at some of the works of art that had our jaws dropped from the genesis to the revelation of the whole event:


The Wall

Much like The Great Wall of China, this television deserves accolades of recognition. The modular self-emitting MicroLED television stood at a glorious 146” before the gazing eyes of many. As Samsung stretches the idea of what a viewing experience is, they took it to the next level with the colour volume, incredible brightness and rich black levels. Bet you can’t wait to get the fifth wall in your living room right this second ;) 

Family Hub

Can you imagine wondering what’s in your fridge and simply having to lift your phone and check? Well, imagine no more. This refrigerator takes your food experience to the next level. Your little one can type out their shopping lists and its sent directly to your Samsung phone, you can play music from your phone’s playlist on the refrigerator and you can even share family photos all from the screen of your Family Hub refrigerator. There’s almost nothing you can’t do with this tower of convenience.

Samsung Fl!p

If there’s technology that has taken presentations to the next level, it’s the Samsung Fl!p. Picture this, you’re on the way to the office but still working on your presentation on the Galaxy Note 8, then once you get to the office simply tap your phone onto the corner of the Fl!p board & boom, the presentation has been transferred & you’re now in business!


There’s so much more in store for you this wonderful year,  so keep your eyes peeled, stay tuned & keep it Samsung ;)