Jan 31. 2018

With the 657 days of January gone all we can do is bid it farewell and keep the memories close to our hearts so that we do not repeat the same mistakes… or at least try not to. We somehow always forget that December salary is meant to pay for January things, and then we suffer through the heat and dust with no money.
Let’s just recap those hard times we’ve gone through but thanks to our trusted Grand Prime Plus device, the month wasn’t so bad.

Scenario 1: The lights went out because you completely forgot to buy tokens and spent that Kshs.500 to buy food. KPLC didn’t recognise your struggle so you were resigned to having a forced candle-lit dinner. Let’s not forget that you needed to call your mum but you used your phone the whole day and it must have been low on charge. But was it though? That extended battery life on your Grand Prime Plus gave you some extra hours of usage thanks to the Maximum Power Saving Mode. Despite the dark you were still able to get some warmth and love from talking to mother dearest.

Scenario 2: Having indulged heavily in the holiday celebrations, the New Year hit so hard and those subscriptions to your favourite online entertainment channels were really paying off. You even found the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots so that you could download videos for later. The 5.0” inch display on your Grand Prime Plus provided ample screen size to enjoy all your videos.

Scenario 3: Going about your January hustle, the last thing you needed was to worry about your phone falling out of your hand which would then bring about a whole other situation of broken screens and other spoilt parts. With money being super tight, you said a silent thankful prayer for the sturdy case design and non-slip rear grip pattern which kept your phone in your hand at all times.

Through it all, we still made it through the longest month of the year. We hope that all those New Year’s resolutions are being adhered to, and if not, well, it’s never too late to start.☺