RW33 Wine Cellar with Lock & Key, 148 L


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European Style Wine Cellar

European Style Wine Cellar
Even the best wine will spoil if it is not kept properly. The best temperature for most wine is around 10°C for white wine and 15°C to 18°C for red wine. With Samsung’s wine cellar RW13EB, you can adjust the temperature to suit almost any wine at the touch of a button. Your wine will always be at its best and a joy to drink, because it’s stored under ideal conditions. Samsung wine cellar has more functions for your wine, including Electronic Control for more precise temperature control, Triple-ply Glass Door, and Lock & Key. You love wine, so why not treat it properly with a dedicated refrigerator for wine from Samsung?

Key Features

Wine selection button - red / white Electronic Control - LCDdisplay Lock & Key Triple-ply Glass Door Hold 29 bottles Reversible Door (option) UV-Protection (option)

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