How to replace the imaging unit

Last Update Date : Apr 19. 2018

STEP 1. How to replace the imaging unit 1

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The life of the imaging unit is approximately 50,000 pages for black and 12,500 pages for color.

Replace the imaging unit when the printer control panel displays ‘Replace Imaging Unit’.


1. Turn the printer off, then wait a few minutes for the printer to cool.

2. Using the handle, completely open the left cover until it is at right angles to the main frame and the toner cartridges are ejected.


    If the left cover is not completely open, the top cover release button does not be pressed.

3. Press the top cover release button to unlatch the top cover and open it all the way.

4. Pull the lock levers on each side towards you, as shown below, to release the transfer belt.

5. Using the handle, lift the transfer belt out of the printer by lightly pulling it towards the left of the printer. Set it on a clean flat surface.



STEP 2. How to replace the imaging unit 2

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6. Lift the handle of the used imaging unit and use it to pull the imaging unit out of the printer.

7. Take a new imaging unit out of the package using the handle


8. Remove the paper covering on the imaging unit by removing the tape under the handle of the imaging unit.


    Don’t use sharp objects, such as a knife or scissors, to open the imaging unit package and tape on the protective paper liner.

    You could damage the surface of the imaging unit

    To prevent damage, do not expose the imaging unit to light for more than a few minutes. Cover it with black paper, if necessary.

    Close the top and left cover should the setup need to be halted for any reason.

    Do not touch the surface of the green roller on the imaging unit or print quality problems can occur.

9. Locate the imaging unit slots inside the printer, one on each side.


STEP 3. How to replace the imaging unit 3

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10. Hold the handle of the new imaging unit with the green roller facing you. Align the imaging unit with the slots in your printer so that the colors on both sides of the imaging unit slide into the corresponding colors of the slots.


    Insert the imaging unit carefully so as not to scratch and damage the surface of the green roller.

11. Slide the imaging unit down into the printer until it cannot be pushed in any further and fold the handle down


12. To replace the transfer belt, hold its handle and then align it with the slots inside your printer, on each side.

13.Slide the transfer belt down into the printer and press it firmly into place.


STEP 4. How to replace the imaging unit 4

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14. Firmly push the lock levers on each side towards the top cover, as shown below, to lock the transfer belt into p


15. After making sure that the left cover is open, close the top cover. Make sure that it is securely latched.


    Do not try to close the left cover with the top cover open.

    This may cause damage to the printer.

16. Close the left cover firmly.

17. Turn the printer on.

18. In ready mode press the Menu button on the control panel until you see ’Setup’ on  the bottom line of the display.

19. Press the Enter button ( ) to access the menu.

20. Press the scroll button ( or ) until ‘Maintenance’ displays on the bottom line
  and press the Enter button

21. Press the scroll button until ‘Check Others’ displays on the bottom line and press the Enter button

22. Press the scroll button ( or ) until ‘Imaging Unit’ displays on the bottom line and press the Enter button

23. Press the scroll button ( or ) to display ‘Reset’ and press the Enter button.

24. ‘Reset Now’ appears on the bottom line of the display and the printer returns to the ready mode.


    After replacing the imaging unit, you must reset the image counter for the imaging unit. If you do not do this, ‘Replace Imaging Unit’ continuously appears on the display.


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