How to solve rechargeable battery/charger problem?

Last Update Date : Apr 20. 2018


These can be causes of Battery/charger problem.

    Case 1) Defective Battery.

    Case 2) some electric parts are defect.


Case 1) Defective Battery

    If after installing new batteries, your MP3 Player still doesn't turn on, try cleaning the battery contacts (in the MP3 Player and on the battery) by gently rubbing them with a pencil eraser. This will eliminate skin oils, sweat and other contaminate that may be affecting the MP3 Player.

If you've charged your player overnight and it's still showing low battery, the internal battery may need to be replaced.

• Replacing the Battery

Most new MP3 Players are powered by rechargeable batteries that are not consumer replaceable. Please refer to the chart below.

Tips For Prolonging The Life Of Your Battery

    • When using the rechargeable battery for the first time or after several months of non-use, fully charge it first.

    • Overcharging will reduce the battery life.

    • The rechargeable battery is a consumable item and its capacity will decrease gradually.

    • To prolong the life of your battery, use the fully charged battery until it is completely discharged, and then fully charge it again before use. If you charge the battery that is not completely drained, the battery operating time will decrease. In this case, fully cycle (fully charge and then fully discharge) the battery several times.


    • To avoid the risk of fire, do not charge longer than 12 hours.

    • Do not plug several devices into the same outlet.

    • Do not use a rechargeable battery or charger that is defective.

    • Do not let metallic objects, such as necklaces or coins, come into contact with the terminals (metallic parts) of the charger and the built-in rechargeable battery.  A fire or electric shock may result.

    • Do not touch the charger with wet hands.

Case2) Some electric parts are defect

If the procedure above does not resolve the problem or you judge some electric parts are defect, your device requires service.

Please contact our Customer Service Center.

Visit web site( to find location of your local Service Center.

[Important Reminders]

    • When connected to a USB hub such as the USB ports on the front of a PC, some players may not charge. If your player is not charging, try a different USB port, preferably a powered one on the back of the PC.

    • Leaving your player connected to the charger for periods longer than 12 hours can cause permanent damage to your device.

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