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Mr. Lee SangChul (Steve)

President and Chief Executive Officer
Southeast Asia Headquarters
Samsung Electronics

Mr. SangChul Lee was appointed to the role of President and CEO of Samsung Electronics South East Asia & Oceania in May 2017.

Prior to this, Mr. Lee served as the head of Strategic Marketing Office, Mobile Communications Business of Samsung Electronics, during which he successfully led Global Sales, Product Strategy, Marketing and Enterprise business of the mobile business.

Mr. Lee has also held various executive positions, including CEO of Samsung Electronics Latin America and CEO of Samsung Electronics CIS. Additionally, he was previously the head of Sales & Marketing Team in the Visual Display Division, during which he brought exceptional expertise and experience to his position and effectively presented the Samsung brand and products to the market.

A graduate of Inha University in industrial engineering, Mr. Lee joined Samsung's TV division working in 1984. In his career spanning more than three decades with the company, Mr. Lee has overseen a variety of teams ranging from sales to auditing and Digital Appliances Business. Among other roles, he also served as the manager of Samsung Electronics Australia, as well as president of Samsung Electronics Benelux (SEBN) and Samsung Electronics Italy (SEI).

Mr. Lee is a member of the Korean Association of Industrial Engineering.

Mr. Harry Lee

Mr. Harry Lee

President of Samsung Electronics Australia

Mr. Harry Lee is the President of Samsung Electronics Australia and oversees the strategic direction and day-to-day operations of all facets of the business in Australia.
Mr. Lee has extensive knowledge of the Asia Pacific region and strong experience across Samsung Electronics’ sales and marketing functions. At the helm of the corporate digital marketing team at Samsung’s Global Marketing Operations, Mr. Lee led the business in developing strategies for its smartphone and audio visual divisions across key international markets including United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, China, Singapore, and Australia.
Mr. Lee held the position of President and Managing Director of Samsung Electronics Philippines, a role he commenced in January 2015. In other prior roles, Mr. Lee was responsible for Samsung Electronics’ businesses in Singapore and held the position of Regional Director for Mobile Phone business covering Southeast Asia, Oceania and Taiwan.
Mr Lee started his career in the United States of America, working as a Management Consultant with a top business consulting firm.