Together for Tomorrow!
Enabling People

They're curious. They're passionate. They're fearless. They have a desire to contribute to a better world and Samsung gives them resources, technology and tools that help them make a positive change. Samsung believes in the potential of tomorrow's innovators So we contribute to much-needed programs, expertise and education for the people who need and want them the most. We think the greatest opportunity of our time is to recognize innovators and help them create a brighter tomorrow.

Our Focus Areas

We aims to create positive change through our corporate citizenship programs based on global societal needs and aligned with our core competencies as a global leading technology company.



We help students across the world access better education by creating learning opportunities with IT technologies.

  Smart School   Solve for Tomorrow

Employment & Community

We support vocational training for young people to prepare for meaningful jobs and a better future.

  Tech Institute   Nanum Village


Our Focus in Australia

We use our global network to help support future generations from across Australia find the opportunities they need to reach their full potential.

Student holding controller hi-5ing teacher with tablet

Australian Community Partnerships

We work with partner organisations to enrich learning experiences for students and teachers.

Woman helping child with VR headset

Community Engagement in Australia

Together with the community we explore how technology and innovation can create positive change.