Community Engagement in Australia


Through ongoing engagement with the Australian community, Samsung is listening, learning and sharing information that can help us all. We believe that technology and STEM education are tools that can help us all find our individual path to success and create communities that help us live better lives. As with all tools, we need to consider and investigate carefully how to get the best from the resources available.

We support meaningful conversations with the community and share relevant insights to inform our ongoing community work.

One example of this is through our support of the University of Canberra spatial reasoning research. Using this research we are able to better understand what teachers, parents and policy makers can do today to help students succeed with STEM.

Creators Wanted

Creators Wanted is an annual campaign designed to engage young people in a conversation about their futures and STEM careers. The reality is that for many students maths and science, can be boring and difficult and there is no clear connection between these subjects and their dream jobs. In 2016 we shared some concepts of products that may be available in the future.

Make My Idea

in 2017 we asked young Australians what they would like to see created in the future with the make my idea competition

Make My Idea received more than 5,000 entries from across Australia. From performance-enhancing tees to thief-proof handbags, we received a range of unique and downright wild ideas, demonstrating that young Australians have many fresh, practical approaches to help solve everyday problems.

Creators Wanted at REMIX Summit

Creators Wanted at REMIX was a day to celebrate different perspectives, learn about fun ideas and hear from fresh voices in the STEM education conversation.