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Switching to Galaxy is seamlessly simple.

Whether you are switching from Android mobiles, Blackberry, Windows Mobile or iOS to Galaxy. Smart Switch makes the move seamless and simple.

samsung S7 edge data transfer to samsung S9

Select the operating system of your current device

To get started select the operating system of the device you are transferring from the compatible options below.


Select your preferred method of transferring your files


Transfer data from Android smartphone to Galaxy smartphone wirelessly

  1. Select Smart Switch on the old compatible Android smartphone and Galaxy smartphone.
  2. On your Android phone, select 'WIRELESS' and tap 'SEND'.
  3. On your Galaxy phone, select 'WIRELESS' and tap 'RECEIVE'.
  4. On your Android phone,select the content items you wish to send, then tap 'SEND'.
  5. Wait for the content items to transfer.
  6. On the Galaxy smartphone, tap 'CLOSE APP' at the bottom of the app page.


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