FJM, Wall Mounted, 3.5kW

Wall mounted well suited to interior decor. Automatically adjusts the temperature. Auto clean mode.

Design with Style

The Samsung FJM Maldives wall mounted indoor unit is a clean, simple design, well suited to interior decor.

Design with Style

Good Sleep mode

"Good Sleep" mode automatically adjusts the temperature to support a comfortable sleeping environment. "Good Sleep" has the following stages:

1. Falling Asleep Stage: Lowers the temperature for the period of falling asleep.
2. Sound Sleep Stage: Raises the temperature slightly for a relaxing sleep environment.
3. Wake Up Stage: The temperature will automatically rise to increase body temperature.

Good Sleep

Turbo Cooling mode

Enabling Turbo Cooling mode allows the air conditioner to operate at its maximum speed to cool down the space quickly and reach the set temperature faster.

Turbo Cooling

Auto Clean

An air conditioner can produce mould inside the indoor unit which can spread into germs. When a wall mounted unit is operated in cooling mode, moisture forms inside the unit, at the heat exchanger coil surface area, where cool air is generated. This surface remains moist for a period of time even after the unit is turned off. When the unit is next turned on, the deposits formed from the moisture can flow into the space, producing a damp odour. When auto cleaning mode is enabled for Samsung wall mounted units, the fan continues to run at a low speed after the unit has been turned off, keeping the heat exchanger coil surface dry. This means that when the unit is next operated, there will be minimal damp odour coming from the unit.

Auto Clean
  • Technical Information
    • Type MALDIVES
  • Model Name
    • Indoor Unit NJ035DHXEA/XSA
  • Convenience
    • 1,2,220-240,50
  • Airflow
    • Mode HP/HR
  • Capacity
    • Cooling (Min / Std / Max) 3.50 kW
    • Cooling [Btu/h] 11,900 Btu/h
    • Heating (Min / Std / Max) 4.00 kW
    • Heating [Btu/h] 13,600 Btu/h
  • Power Input (Nominal)
    • Cooling 1) [W] 50.00 W
    • Heating 2) [W] 50.00 W
  • Current Input (Nominal)
    • Cooling 1) 0.40 A
    • Heating 2) 0.40 A
  • Indoor Unit Fan
    • Type Crossflow Fan
    • Motor (Output) [W] 23 x 1 W
    • Air Flow Rate (High / Mid / Low) [CMM] 10.10/9.00/7.90 CMM
    • Air Flow Rate(High/Mid/Low)[L/S] 168.33/150.00/131.67
    • External Static Pressure (Min / Std / Max) [mmAq] -
    • External Static Pressure (Min / Std / Max) -
  • Piping
    • Liquid Pipe (Φ, mm) 6.35 mm
    • Liquid Pipe (Φ, inch) 1/4"
    • Gas Pipe (Φ, mm) 9.52 mm
    • Gas Pipe (Φ, inch) 3/8"
    • Drain Pipe (Φ,mm) VP18 (OD 19,ID 16)
  • Power Supply
    • Indoor (V) 1.5 ~ 2.5
    • Outdoor (V) 0.75 ~ 1.5
  • Refrigerant
    • Type R410A
    • Required Circuit Size, A EEV NOT INCLUDED
  • Noise Level (Outdoor)
    • Sound Pressure 38.0/30.0/21.0 dBA
    • Sound Power -
  • Physical Specification
    • Net Weight (Indoor) 8.2 kg
    • Net Weight (Outdoor) 10.2 kg
    • Unit Dimension (Indoor, WxHxD) 820 x 285 x 205 mm
    • Unit Dimension (Outdoor, WxHxD) 892 x 355 x 263 mm
Manual Download

FJM, Wall Mounted, 3.5kW (NJ035DHXEA/XSA)



User Manual ver 1.0