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Freshness without the Chill

Goodbye Cold Drafts, Hello Samsung WindFree™

Thanks to 21,000 micro-holes on the system’s front surface, WindFree™ technology works so well you will not even notice it is there. Once the set temperature is reached, the system spreads fresh air uniformly without the unpleasant blast of cold wind.

Samsung Air Conditioner Air Care Wind Free

Circular Design, Beautiful aesthetic

Balanced Air Conditioning

Innovative 360 degree airflow provides optimal air conditioning, minimising hot spots and cold spots, contributing to fast and even temperature control.

Samsung Air Conditioner Air Care 360 bladless cassette

Fresh Air, Right Away

Fast Cooling with the 8-pole Inverter

Our air conditioner systems are the first in the world to use an 8-pole motor. This core element of Samsung's advanced Digital Inverter Technology reduces torque fluctuation to quickly reach maximum cooling speed. Its smooth operation increases efficiency, whilst cooling you faster.

Samsung Air Conditioner Air Care 8-pole Inverter

Cold Winter? No Problem.

Advanced Performance

Advanced technology design minimises system defrost time, providing regular heating to maintain comfort.

Samsung Air Conditioner Air Care Dual Scroll Inverter Compressor