55 inch Full HD VideoWall Display UD55E-A

size 55”

Advanced factory calibration

Factory calibration enables uniform brightness and colour expression across multiple dislays out-of-the-box, with superb white balance and local uniformity. Users can calibrate further with Samsung Colour Expert software, for optimal colour accuracy.

Achieve Ultimate Picture Quality through Advanced Factory Calibration

Narrow bezel and optimised panel design

With ultra-narrow bezels, the UD Series video wall is designed for seamless viewing experiences that help focus attention on content. The reinforced anti-glare panel offers low reflectivity and helps prevent screen darkening, for brilliant, long-term performance.

Captivate Audiences through a Narrow Bezel and Optimized Panel Design

UHD picture quality without additional devices

Supporting DisplayPort (DP) 1.2 and HDMI with (High-Bandwidth Content Protection) daisy chains across 5x5 configurations, UHD content, inlcuding Blu-ray and live TV, can be displayed without the need for additional devices.

Achieve UHD Picture Quality without Additional Devices through Industry-Leading Technology

Display readability and durability

Engineered for continuous operation and offering 700 nits brightness, the UDE-B Series video walls can present vivid, highly visible images and legible messaging in environments such as shopping malls, office lobbies, and control rooms.

High-Performing Display Readability and Durability for your Business Environment

A slim, easily configurable wall mount

Easy installation and adjustment from slim, 39mm depth video wall mounts. Sized to the dimensions of the video wall, the UDE-B Series mounts help eliminate gap calculations during setup, and provide three-axis tuning for quick alignment of specific sections without the need to dismantle the entire video wall.

A Slim, Easily Configurable Wall Mount Adaptive to your Business Needs

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55 inch Full HD VideoWall Display UD55E-A (LH55UDEHLBB/XY)



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