What is STEP

Collaborating with Business Partners is essential to ensure continued growth in the competitive business market. Samsung is committed to develop long-term, trust-based relationships with partners to optimise partner capabilities, support market navigation and connect to new opportunities.

Samsung Team of Empowered Partners (STEP) is designed to drive our mutual success in today’s increasingly competitive market. Samsung specialists can provide you thought leadership, technical expertise and winning marketing strategies to enhance your business capabilities. Solidify your position as an industry innovator through STEP!

What is STEP


Through STEP, we can help you create new business strategies, increase your bottom line and solidify your position as an industry innovator by providing the following benefits to gain insights on new business.

  • Marketing collateral

    Marketing collateral

  • Winning marketing strategies

    Winning marketing strategies

  • Access to demos

    Access to demos

  • General rebates

    General rebates

  • Sales support

    Sales support

  • Lead management

    Lead management


Partner with Samsung and gain an extensive range of enterprise products, best-in-class solution offerings, proven marketing strategies and the expertise that create a new business experience.
You will have access to Samsung resources, sales information, technical and sales assistance to create value to your customers.
Build a solid foundation for your business and align yourself with the Global business leader.

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