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The incredible Gear 360 is a whole new way to make memories. It pairs seamlessly with your Galaxy Note8, so it's never been easier to get out there and take it all in. You can share the moments with your friends in immersive, high definition 360°, and relive them again and again.
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Around the world in 360°
The Gear 360 can do some pretty amazing things. Record a bungee jump in breath-taking HD, or take a 360° snapshot from a cliff edge*. Check out the amazing 360° moments being captured around the world.
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Discover what the Gear 360 is really made of. Check out our handy #HowTo tutorial video to see what you can do – the possibilities are endless.
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* There may be certain blind spots and double images of the images or videos created by Gear 360. Please read the manual before use.