The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is here
SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 5G
Get 5G first
Experience our greatest Galaxy smartphone
and the new world of 5G
We’re extremely excited to announce the arrival of the Galaxy S10 5G, our first ever 5G smartphone and the first 5G device to be launched here in Australia. As well as experiencing high-speed streaming and downloading, courtesy of 5G, the GS10 5G is a highlight of the GS10 family, equipped with a 6.7” dynamic AMOLED screen², six Pro Grade cameras and our powerful battery³, this is truly a device to be reckoned with. It’s also kitted out with 4K video recording and 3D depth camera for flawless filming.
Stay ahead of the pack with the Galaxy S10 5G on Telstra.
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¹ Available on selected plans on the Telstra network. 5G network is progressively being rolled out across Australia. Current availability is limited to major capital city CBDs and other select high traffic areas. Actual speeds achieved will vary depending on service availability and other factors. For more details, visit Telstra's website:

² Display size measured diagonally as a full rectangle without accounting for rounded corners. Actual speeds achieved will vary depending on service availability and other factors.

³ Battery capacity value of a 'typical' user. Based upon independent third party testing. Rated (i.e. minimum) battery capacity value is 4,400 mAh. Actual battery capacity value may vary. See user manual for instructions on optimum battery life. Adaptive fast charger required for fast charging.

Telstra 5G T&Cs: