The revolutionary Galaxy S9, the future of learning and much more
The Camera. Reimagined.
The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are now available
Introducing the Galaxy S9 and S9+. It's our most sophisticated smartphone yet, complete with a camera that adapts just like the human eye.
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QLED TV | The new QLED revealed
“Samsung's new 2018 QLED TVs appear almost invisible”
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Our new QLED range launched in New York earlier this month. These TVs have the technology to stand out or blend into any environment.
Up to half the time washing¹ | Full clean performance.
Introducing QuickDrive™
New QuickDrive™ reduces washing time by up to 50%¹ whilst still providing great cleaning performance. Its unique main drum and back plate rotate independently, ensuring clothes move dynamically and are washed quickly and gently by double forces.
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Top tech at student prices
If you're in education, you can get the latest Samsung tech at great prices. Visit the Samsung Education Store to see what's on offer.
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Samsung SMARTSchool
The future of learning is here
The new Samsung SMARTSchool at the University of South Australia, one of the most technologically advanced teacher-training facilities in the country, opened its doors at the Magill campus earlier this month. It brings the future of education and technology together.
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¹ Compared with Samsung WW6500K using Cotton cycle (40°C, half load).