The POWERstick PRO™ has arrived
Reach new levels of clean
Introducing the POWERstick PRO™
The POWERstick PRO™ has it all. With up to 150W suction¹, you can really feel the power – pretty impressive for a cordless stick vacuum cleaner right? It has a super long battery time too, so you're able to clean for up to 40 minutes². Or purchase a spare interchangeable battery for up to 80 mins run time³. It also comes with a range of accessories to help to clean furniture, in tight crevices, up high and in all sorts of hard-to-reach places.
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Not all stick vacuums are created equal
Vacuuming just got a whole lot easier, thanks to our all-new POWERstick PRO™. Engineered by our team of experts, it's ergonomically designed to reach more places than ever before. It's Flex Handle folds up to 50 degrees to help you reach those lower areas, while helping to make things easy on your wrist and back.
Reach new levels of clean
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¹ Cleaning efficiency tested on Samsung VS80M80 and Samsung canister vacuum VCC4135S37/BOL. Based on internal testing.

² Tested on the handheld in Normal Mode. Results may vary depending on floor types and usage. Based on internal testing.

³ Spare batteries sold separately on samsung/com/au from July 2018.