Galaxy’s Journey to a More
Sustainable World¹

Eco-conscious packaging, recycled materials and more. Here’s how Samsung will deliver better environmental impact with mobile products by 2025.¹

The detrimental effects of climate change are being felt by people and communities around the world every day, and it’s clear that we will exhaust the Earth’s natural resources if we don’t change the way we use materials and resources.

When it comes to fighting climate change, everyone has a role to play. We’re dedicated to providing innovations that enrich people’s lives and foster a better, more open world – including our work to advance global efforts to combat climate change.

To do our part, we’re committing to acting more sustainably across our mobile business through Galaxy for the Planet, our new sustainability platform. We’re reimagining a better planet through everything we do, from product design to eco-conscious packaging, consumption and recycling.

How we’ll deliver better environmental impact by 2025¹

This journey begins with four commitments that help minimise our environmental impact from production to disposal of all mobile products by 2025.

Incorporate recycled material in all new mobile products¹

We’re helping create a more circular economy where materials can be recycled and reused, rather than disposed of and sent to landfills. For example, we’re providing more sustainable options for everyone by investing in new, innovative eco-conscious materials for our mobile products.

Eliminate all plastics in mobile packaging¹

Samsung is committed to incorporating eco-conscious solutions and reducing, removing and replacing unnecessary resources and materials traditionally used in device packaging. We’re eliminating single-use plastics from product packaging and taking a step in the right direction to adopt more sustainable packaging that is free from harsh and harmful materials.

Reduce standby power consumption of all smartphone chargers¹

We believe energy-saving technology is critical to reducing overall power consumption and increasing energy efficiency across our products. Standby power consumption—when your charger remains plugged in after your phone is fully charged or disconnected—is a major contributor to power waste. We’ve reduced standby power consumption across all smartphone chargers² to 0.02W, and we’ll work to get that number below 0.005W by 2025 in an effort to reach zero. This means we’re enabling our users to save energy without even realizing it – helping them curb carbon emissions while they sleep.

Achieve zero waste to landfill and reduce e-waste¹

We’re dedicated to diverting all waste from landfills and minimising waste generated across our mobile worksites. We’ll also continue to reduce e-waste on a global scale by optimising the product lifecycle, improving product design processes, and continuing initiatives like Galaxy Upcycling, Certified Re-Newed, and Trade-In programs. Across all of these efforts, Samsung is putting materials and resources back to work for new purposes, rather than sending them to a landfill.

Maintaining our commitments¹

Powered by our scale, innovation and spirit of open collaboration, Galaxy for the Planet defines how Samsung will take tangible climate actions across our business. We’ll continue to join forces with our users, partners and industry peers to accelerate and amplify our efforts on a global scale, and we’ll work to evolve how we address new challenges in the coming years.

Give your Galaxy a new life

When you buy an eligible phone, we’ll recycle or repurpose your old phone at no cost.

  • ¹Global activities conducted by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.
  • ²Based on 15W, 25W and 45W Galaxy smartphone chargers.

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