Galaxy Book

Stop at nothing

10.6 inch model equipped with 7th Gen Intel® Core™ m3 processor. Intel®, Intel®Core™ are trademarks of Intel®Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Screens simulated, subject to change; Apps sold separately, availability may vary.

An image showing two Galaxy Book (10.6') devices with their covers open and two S pens placed at their sides.

Streamlined for mobility

Manage your workflow effectively, wherever inspiration strikes. Weighing in at 648 g (Galaxy Book 10.6”) and 748 g (Galaxy Book 12”),
the Galaxy book is the ideal device to stay productive on the move6.

An image of a user’s hands over a Galaxy Book 10.6 device’s screen, with children sitting facing the device, listening to what the user is saying.

More ways to do more

The Samsung Galaxy Book is the ultimate tool to take you from work to leisure. Use the Galaxy Book as a powerful tablet, with the S Pen to make note taking and marking documents easier.
Switch seamlessly from touch to type with the included keyboard that connects on contact. The keyboard cover also allows for multiple view angles to make typing, drawing and note taking a breeze. Both the S Pen and keyboard are included with your Galaxy Book and never need charging.

Enjoy the big picture

See the bigger picture with the Galaxy Book’s stunning 10.6” FHD display or the 12” FHD+ Super AMOLED display – that’s HDR ready7. Create your own content, stream your favourite shows or view documents and images at home or on the go in true-to-life colour.

An image of a user’s hands holding a black Galaxy Book 10.6 device, with its screen showing several planets in space.

Fine tuned for success

Whether you’re working on a project or taking down notes, the Galaxy Book’s included S Pen features an ultra-precise 0.7mm tip. You can create with accuracy and precision plus the S Pen is battery free so you can work on the go with no worries.

Built for performance

Have your workflow running smoothly and efficiently without interruption. The Galaxy Book 10” is engineered with 7th Gen Intel® Core™ m3 processor and Island type Keyboard, whilst the Galaxy Book 12” comes with 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 processor and backlit island type keyboard.
The Galaxy Book has all the performance you need to keep you multitasking on the move.

An image showing the Galaxy Book 10.6’s keyboard and screen, viewed from above with its cover open. Its screen shows multiple windows open, including Excel and PowerPoint files, as well as web browser windows. Its keyboard’s white-lettered keycaps are also visible.

Charge fast, play longer

With up to 9 hours of usage (Galaxy Book 10.6”) or 11 hours usage (Galaxy Book 12”) on one full charge1, the Galaxy book is the ultimate tool for busy people. And if the battery runs out, you’ll have a full charge in less than 3 hours with Adaptive Fast Charge2.

An image of a black Galaxy Book 10.6 device being charged with a white cable, with accompanying texts that read “Video playback 9 hrs” respectively.

Let your ideas flow

Work seamlessly between your compatible Samsung smartphone and Galaxy Book4.Start working on your compatible Samsung smartphone and pick right up from the same point on your Galaxy Book. Securely access your Galaxy Book using the fingerprint scanner on your compatible Samsung smartphone.Plus you can forward calls, receive and respond to notification s (native and third party apps) and transfer files between your devices5.

An image showing a Galaxy Book 10.6 device with a smartphone on its right. The phone’s screen shows a text message and a notification about download status. The tablet’s screen shows a Samsung Flow notification, indicating that the tablet and phone are synced, allowing users to view smartphone messages on their tablet. A sync icon is also visible at the bottom of the image.

USB Type C

With the Galaxy Book, you can enjoy easy and fast data transfer of videos, important documents and more. It supports USB Type-C which can be inserted into the device in either direction to charge or connect. The Galaxy Book 12” comes with 2 USB C ports.

An image showing the side of a Galaxy Book 10.6 device, displaying its earphone and USB-C ports. At the bottom of the image, USB-C is written in large text. On the top are charging, displays, storage and devices icons.

Network Connectivity

Stay connected when you need it most with Cat.6 LTE on the Galaxy Book. Capable of download speeds of up to 300Mbps, you can stream music, movies or take part in a video conference smoothly and quickly on the go3.

An image of a black Galaxy Book 10.6 device’s screen, showing a variety of data represented in graphs being downloaded, along with text that reads “300Mbps” on its left.

1 Battery life based on video playback

2 Based on labouratory testing. Results may vary. Battery power consumption depends on usage patterns.

3 Internet connection required. Network download speeds may vary by location.

4 Samsung Flow is compatible only with selected Samsung smartphones. Not compatible with all third party apps

5 Internet connection required, user must activate Samsung cloud account to be eligible

6 Weight does not include the keyboard. The keyboard for the Galaxy Book 10.6” weighs 347 g and the keyboard for the Galaxy Book 12” weighs 415 g.

7 Only available with HDR content