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Pay with Samsung Pay on your Galaxy smartphone

You will need:

  1. Galaxy smartphone.
  2. Samsung account.
  3. Payment Card.
  1. Open Samsung Pay app on your Galaxy smartphone.
  2. Sign into your Samsung account.
  3. If you are already signed in, tap 'START'.
  4. Choose your verification method.
  5. Verify your chosen method.
  6. Authenticate with fingerprint, iris or PIN.
  7. Register a SamsungPay PIN.
  8. Tap 'ADD CARD'.
  9. Scan the payment card to add it into Samsung Pay.
  10. Alternatively tap on 'Enter card manually' on your Galaxy smartphone.
  11. Enter name, expiry date and security code.
  12. Tap 'Next'.
  13. Enter billing address and tap 'Next'.
  14. Read and accept the Terms aof Service and Privacy Notice.
  15. Verify bank card with SMS or email.
  16. Enter code and tap 'SUBMIT'.
  17. If prompted, add your signature and tap 'SAVE' to complete setup.
  18. Swipe up from the bottom of the Galaxy phone screen to access SamsungPay.
  19. Select payment card.
  20. Authenticate with fingerprint, iris or PIN.
  21. Tap your Galaxy smartphone on any contactless terminal.