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If you want to be part of creating new products, services and ideas that relate to the things you’re passionate about then studying STEM subjects will give you the background you need to make it happen.

And in 2015, a report found that 75% of the fastest growing jobs in the Australian workforce will require knowledge of STEM. So, there’s no better time to start studying these subjects so you can set yourself up for a fun, diverse and rewarding career.



School with the most entries
Seaford Seconday college, SA

Idea: Power Nap
Power Nap
Name: James Drielsma
School:Cranbrook School, Sydney

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This campaign exists because we can see how important STEM education and innovation are to the future success of Australians and our community.

Each entrant should consider their own needs and seek advice on their rights and obligations, particularly in relation to intellectual property rights. You should NOT enter this promotion if you do not want your idea to be publicly disclosed. Please note that you are responsible for protecting yourself and your idea, particularly if it is something you may want to attempt to develop commercially.

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