Sharni Layton on the field with IconX

Do What You Can’t

Sharni Layton
Collingwood Magpies and former Australian Diamonds Goal Keeper / Goal Defence / Wing Defence

Sharni Layton on field with IconX

Sharni's Do What You Can't Story

As a youngster, Sharni was told she wasn’t good enough to play at the highest levels. Proving the doubters wrong, she built her body to become one of the strongest players in the game. But even though she was strong on the court, her off court struggles became overwhelming. Eventually, Sharni was advised to take time off from the game she loves, to find a better balance in life.

It was a wakeup call that gave her a new perspective on sport and life. Reinvigorated, she set herself a goal: To make it back into the Australian Diamonds team for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. But her bid was unsuccessful. This would have been a crushing blow to any elite athlete and tested Sharni’s new strength and resolve.

Even though she missed the team this time, she is living proof that to be a truly content, successful and happy person, you need to be just as strong in mind as in body. Sharni’s now dedicated to showing those that are going through what she did, what can be done.

You can join the #SharniArmy or follow her journey @Sharni_Layton

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Our Partnership

As proud partner of Australian Netball at all levels from the Samsung Australian Diamonds to the grassroots, we are there both on and off the court for every player, cheering them through the famous victories, and supporting them though the heartbreaking losses.

Samsung’s philosophy of doing the things that can’t be done, is typified by the strong, fearless, champion - Sharni Layton, who we’re proud to call a Samsung Brand Ambassador.

Netball is the most popular team sport for young females in Australia. Samsung is excited by the opportunities our partnership can create to give netball the recognition and exposure it richly deserves. We are actively helping to champion everyone, young and old who loves the game of netball as much as Sharni, to do what you can’t.

"Strength is not giving up"

Sharni Layton working out


Sharni is the first to admit her definition of strength has completely changed from what it was 8 months ago. She believed strength came from blocking out your doubts and pushing through. But she soon found that this doesn’t make you stronger, it makes you weaker. As a result, she became mentally exhausted and needed to take time away from the game to seek help.

It was her biggest battle to date. Looking back, she realises that she needed to find a different kind of strength to admit she had a problem and seek advice to help her overcome her internal battles. She now knows that a healthy balance of mental and physical strength comes with admitting vulnerability and recognising that it’s okay to not be okay.

"Strength is to keep picking yourself back up
and to go again."

Sharni Layton on the court mid game


Any netball fan will tell you of Sharni’s fearlessness on the Netball court. Her pure tenacity, persistence and determination knows no bounds, and has seen her reach the very pinnacle of the sport by Captaining the Australian Diamonds in 2017. However, in mid 2017, she faced the one opponent she feared the most – herself.

Sharni now realises that admitting you have a mental illness, and talking to someone about it, is what being truly fearless is all about. Taking much-needed time off the court to seek help may have cost her a spot playing for Australia, but Sharni knows that she has gained more than she’s lost. With the help she received, the support of her closest friends, family, team mates and all the fans in the #SharniArmy, she knows her biggest victory is living life on her terms by embracing a new perspective on sport and life balance.

"Strength is knowing you'd be more mad at
yourself if you never gave it another try."

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Sharni has won two premierships with the Adelaide Thunderbirds in the ANZ Championship , a Gold Medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, a Gold Medal at the 2011 World Netball Championship in Singapore and the 2015 World Netball Championship in Sydney – a true Champion of Netball.

Never one to give up, Sharni is determined to make it back out onto the netball court. She’s also dedicated to being a champion of better mental and physical health for all of the Australians who have gone through what she has, helping them see that they too, can do what can’t be done.

"Real strength is to acknowledge when
something isn't right"

Sharni Layton pre-workout

If Sharni’s story has raised issues for you, talk to a GP or health professional or contact Beyond Blue support service line on
1300 22 46 36.