Samsung showcases next generation in mobile innovation with Galaxy Studio at Westfield

Apr 12. 2017
Samsung showcases next generation in mobile innovation with Galaxy Studio at Westfield

Samsung Electronics Australia has today launched Galaxy Studio at Westfield Parramatta, an innovative and immersive experiential zone that will allow visitors to be amongst the first in the world to experience the highly anticipated Galaxy S8 and S8+ handsets. Designed to showcase Samsung’s latest range of mobile technology, the Galaxy Studio will transport shoppers through a series of interactive experiences including an Australian first ‘4D’ virtual reality experience using Gear VR.

“This is the first time Samsung has given Australians this kind of access to immersive experiences that are built around our latest mobile innovation. People can now have hands on experience with our new Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones, as well as virtual reality and wearable technology,” said Richard Fink, VP, IT & Mobile Division, Samsung Australia.

Australia is one of the first countries to launch the Galaxy Studio as it rolls out to a range of countries in Europe and Asia. It opens today (12 April 2017) at Westfield Parramatta and will operate there for 24 days with a trained team of 26 Samsung staff. 

“We are incredibly excited and proud to launch Galaxy Studio with support from our partners at Westfield, a program we believe will set a new benchmark for the way we bring our technology to life for Australians,” Fink added.

Galaxy Studio is designed to immerse Westfield shoppers in the latest in mobile technology in deeper and more immersive ways than ever before offered by Samsung and is built around four core product experience zones, including:

  • Gear VR ‘4D’ Virtual Reality Theater – Designed to transport people to a new world through a ‘4D’ cinema experience utilising Samsung Gear VR virtual reality. It will be the first time in Australia that this experience has been showcased by Samsung.
  • Gear 360 Snowstorm – Visitors can capture unique 360 degree video with the Gear 360 in a simulated snow experience. Positioned in the middle of a ‘snow’ blizzard, visitors can capture content as they move around the zone.
  • Watercolour selfies – Take a selfie with the new Galaxy S8 or S8+ smartphone and dip it in water to see it transformed into a liquid animation. At the zone, guests can choose to add one of four filters to their selfie that mimics the style of a beautiful watercolour painting.
  • Fitness challenge – Using the Gear S3 smartwatch, guests can try out either a virtual swimming or tennis experience. Sensors track the participant’s heart rate and motion and then customises the exercises to encourage more movement.
  • Digital display – Learn more about the ecosystem of Galaxy devices with an interactive table experience. As guests place devices on the interactive table, different prompts will be displayed, that when selected, showcase key features of the devices.

Installation of the Galaxy Studio took a team of 16 people four days to complete, and will be live for 24 days. The Galaxy Studio opens at Westfield Parramatta on 12 April and runs until 7 May. Please visit for centre opening hours.

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