Samsung’s QuickDriveTM Washing Machine Cuts Laundry Time by up to Half¹

May 10. 2018
wom an putting clothes into QuickDrive™ via add door
QuickDriveTM rethinks washing machine engineering

Samsung Electronics Australia has announced the local availability of QuickDriveTM, the latest in laundry innovation. The Samsung QuickDrive™ reduces cycle times by up to 50 per cent compared to Samsung’s previous washers¹, while still providing a full performance clean. QuickDrive™ washing machine also offers Samsung’s latest in Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, with Samsung SmartThings compatibility and the Q-rator laundry assistant app. In addition, QuickDrive™ features Samsung AddWash, allowing consumers to add missed or forgotten items during the wash cycle to front-loader washing machines.

“QuickDrive™ represents a fundamental change in how we can design and engineer washing machines in order to save people time. It helps dramatically cut the time to do laundry, giving our customers time back in their busy lives,” said Jeremy Senior, Director, Home Appliances Samsung Electronics Australia.

“Our products are designed based on insight about real people and real lives. QuickDrive™ brings meaningful innovation into the home to help best manage and speed up our home chores.

“We’re also excited to introduce the new Q-rator laundry assistant to provide more usefulconnectivity features that help you select the optimal wash cycle for each load and allow you to start, stop and monitor your wash remotely” added Senior.

A faster wash in up to half the time¹
QuickDrive’s performance is made possible by its unique Q-Drum™, which consists of a ‘main drum’ and a ‘back plate’ that rotate independently, in the same or opposite direction.

Unlike conventional Samsung washers that move clothes repeatedly up and down over the course of the cycle, the patented QuickDrive™ technology moves clothes from top to bottom in the drum, while the plate in the back of the drum introduces a back and forth movement. This innovation creates a dynamic action powered by double forces, washing quickly, powerfully and gently. The Super Speed cycle now cuts the time of a lightly soiled 5kg wash to just 39 minutes. QuickDrive™ also features a 15-minute Quick Wash cycle that allows users to wash up to 2kg of lightly soiled laundry when in a hurry, perfect for washing a school sports uniform the night before a big game or carnival.

Super quick and super smart
QuickDrive™ offers a range of smart and convenient features to help make the washing process easier. Available through SmartThings, Q-rator (an Al-powered laundry assistant) provides three key smart features that help manage laundry more conveniently:

  • • Laundry Recipe does the thinking for you, recommending the optimal wash cycle for each load based on the information inputted by the user, such as colour, fabric type and degree of soiling, eliminating the need for guessing which cycle is best, and helping you to achieve optimal wash results.
  • • Laundry Planner enables consumers to manage laundry finishing time, avoiding wet clothes hanging around getting musty when you’re not home.
  • • HomeCare Wizard monitors the washer, proactively alerting users about potential problems and providing quick and remote troubleshooting support.

Peace of mind: safe, quiet, efficient
QuickDrive™ features Samsung’s new Steam Cycles, which reduces various allergens and up to 99.9% of certain common bacteria2 on the Hygiene Steam and Bedding cycles, giving Australians added peace of mind that their washing will be clean and fresh.

Bringing further innovation to QuickDrive™, the AddWash door has been integrated into the design, giving consumers the ability to add forgotten items or detergent and fabric softener during the wash cycle.

The digital inverter motor comes with an 11-year parts warranty. The motor works without brushes, which helps to reduce the number of separate moving parts and friction, making for a low vibration motor with a quiet wash cycle.

Smart pairing for stunning laundry design Samsung’s intelligent Q-rator laundry assistant is also available on the new Samsung 9kg Heat Pump Dryer, pairing with the QuickDrive™ to achieve the ultimate Samsung laundry solution. Once clothes have been moved into the dryer, the Q-rator laundry assistant helps to select the best drying cycle for each load while the intelligent Optimal Dry System™ continually adjusts the drying time for great results while helping to protect clothes from damage. Heatpump technology offers an efficient and gentle way to dry clothes with an impressive 7 star energy efficiency rating.

The Samsung 9kg Heat Pump Dryer also sports the same stylish full-width crystal blue door and internal drum light as the QuickDrive™, not only allowing clothes to be loaded and unloaded with ease but achieving a consistent and stylish look and feel in your laundry.

Samsung is offering a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on the QuickDrive™ until 30 September 2018. Terms and conditions apply. See here for details.

QuickDrive™ is available now from major retailers with the following RRPs:
  • • Samsung 8.5Kg QuickDrive™ Washer with Steam and Crystal Gloss door (WW85M64FOPW) - $1,999
  • • Samsung 8.5Kg QuickDrive™ Washer with Steam and Crystal Blue door and drum light (WW85M74FNOR) - $2,199
  • • Samsung 9Kg Heat Pump Dryer (DV90N8289AW) - $1,999

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