Samsung Electronics drives Air Conditioning technology forward with IF Design Award 360 Cassettes and other new products

Jun 08. 2016
Samsung 360 Cassette Airconditioner

Samsung Electronics’ commitment to transform air conditioning through innovation will be led by a suite of new solutions with better aesthetics, higher efficiency, space optimization, and outstanding power.

This year Samsung launches four new products including Samsung’s largest capacity VRF outdoor unit and the introduction of a 360 fully circular cassette.

“The Air Conditioning market is in need of fresh technologies, to better respond to customer demands,” said BK Yoon, President and CEO of Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung Electronics. “We are known for our drive and ability to identify market trends and lead the way to bring positive change.”

Leading this promise is the 360 Cassette (air conditioning unit) with an omnidirectional airflow discharge, all round airflow provides optimal air conditioning, with minimal hot spots and cold spots, contributing to fast and even temperature control.  There are no louver vanes to obstruct air flow, increasing air flow delivery.  The Samsung booster fan design also enables directional air flow settings and the elegant finish blends harmoniously with your interior aesthetic.

Samsung 360 Cassette was awarded for Product design for IF Design Award 2016, and was a star at the recent ARBS Exhibition in Melbourne, drawing tremendous attention and interests from design engineers, architects, consultants, and installers.

“Our focus lies in creating the best experience for our users which is why we have transformed the four-way Cassette into our innovative circular design to offer outstanding performance together with a premium aesthetic,” said Mark Booth, National Director – Air Conditioning, Samsung Electronics Australia. 

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