Samsung introduces the new SUHD TV range to Australia

Apr 14. 2015

The new range of Samsung SUHD TVs mark a monumental leap forward in Samsung home entertainment with superb TV technology

Samsung introduces the new SUHD TV range to Australia

Sydney, Australia – April 14, 2015 – Samsung Electronics Australia has today announced the local pricing and availability for its 2015 home entertainment range of products, including the highly anticipated Samsung SUHD TV.

The new range of SUHD TVs mark a significant evolution in the colour and picture quality offered by Samsung to Australians. Utilising nano-crystal technology, Samsung’s SUHD TVs have become the benchmark in the company’s home entertainment experience, offering crisp and clear imaging for Hollywood blockbusters or live TV events watched in the home1.

“The Samsung SUHD experience will change the way Australians think about Samsung's home entertainment and visual display technology – it’s on a completely new level to anything we have ever produced.” said Philip Newton – Corporate Vice President, Samsung Electronics Australia. “By pushing Samsung's boundaries in colour and picture quality, the SUHD TV range showcases our continuous commitment to innovation in the TV category, offering Australians an outstanding viewing experience1.”

Samsung has worked closely with local and international content providers to ensure consumers will be able access a wide array of movies and TV shows due for release in 2015.

“Australians will absolutely love watching the latest and most popular shows and movies on this TV that can streamed straight to the living room from the likes of Netflix, Presto and Stan2. We will be offering some of the first purchasers of 2015 Samsung TVs bonus access to Netflix for six months, allowing them to watch UHD content like House of Cards and Marco Polo on our stunning Samsung SUHD displays.”3

Key features across the new SUHD TV lineup include:

Nano crystal colour technology – provides more colours, contrast and brightness than previous Samsung TV models, for images that are stunning and detailed1;
Precision Black Pro and Peak Illuminator
– in combination, produce dark blacks, excellent brightness, and an accurate colour display4;

Tizen operating system – provides users with quick and easy access to TV functions and their favourite content; and

Minimalist and modern design – inspired by trends in contemporary art and architecture, Samsung curved-screen SUHD TVs deliver an immersive and stylish viewing experience.

Available in-store now, Samsung will offer three new series of SUHD TVs – JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500 – in seven screen sizes between the models, from 55-inches to 88-inches5.

Introducing superb Samsung picture quality and technology

Samsung SUHD TVs demonstrate groundbreaking advances in contrast, brightness, colour reproduction and detail on Samsung TVs1.

The SUHD TV's nano-crystal semiconductor transmits different colours of light to produce excellent colour purity and light efficiency1.

The SUHD's Precision Black Pro and Peak Illuminator features automatically analyse the brightness of images to produce dark blacks and elevated brightness4.

Sophisticated curved designs

Taking cues from contemporary art and architecture, Samsung’s curved SUHD TV screens are inspired by modern and minimalist designs to provide an attractive and immersive home entertainment experience.

The JS9500 model will feature Samsung’s Chamfer bezel design, adding more depth to the TV screen, and making the TV look like a piece of art when mounted on the wall6. The JS9000 model has a soft, textured Shirring design on the back, ensuring the TV maintains its stylish edge from any angle.

New Smart TV platform to make TV viewing easier

All of Samsung’s new 2015 TVs, including the new SUHD TVs, will be powered by Tizen, an open source platform that supports the web standard for TV app development. Tizen provides intuitive access, a more integrated entertainment experience, and even more choices for content than ever before2. Key features include:

Intuitive user interface – simplified to one main screen, the TV displays the most recent content and tailored content recommendations for a faster and simpler user experience7;
Automatically recognises connected Samsung smartphones
– share video content from Samsung smartphones to Smart TVs easily and also watch TV through compatible mobile devices8;

Briefing on TV – Samsung Smart TVs now act as an alarm, syncing up with compatible Samsung mobile devices, to turn on and display important items such as the time, weather, and upcoming meetings, with a large screen9; and

Octa-core processor – Powered by an Octa-core processor, apps and menus load quickly so users can search, find and enjoy content swiftly10.


Exciting Curved Soundbars and Audio Innovation

Samsung has also announced a new range of curved Soundbars that perfectly match the aesthetic look and feel of its new 2015 curved TVs. The flagship Series 8 8501 Curved Soundbar offers superb sound quality with its 9.1 channel speakers – thanks to a central speaker – and additional side speakers situated at both ends. This will further intensify the immersive experience of any Samsung Curved TV (45-inches to 78-inches) by delivering a wide sense of surround-sound for the Australian lounge room.

Additionally, a new range of audio speakers, the WAM7500/6500, offer a major evolution in the design and technology offered by the Samsung Multiroom category. Unlike some conventional Samsung speakers that project sound in a single direction, the WAM7500/6500 are designed to deliver an omnidirectional sound experience. This approach to audio came through the utilisation of ‘Ring Radiator’ technology which directs sound flow from the speakers on a 360-degree plane.

The WAM7500/6500 was in part developed at Samsung’s new state-of-the-art audio lab in Valencia, California and uses premium materials across the exterior of the speakers, allowing it to stylishly blend in with any home décor. The range will made available in Australia later in 2015.

Coinciding with the launch of this new range, Samsung has also announced the launch of the new Multiroom 2.0 application which features a revamped design and user interface that makes sharing music throughout the home even easier. The upgraded Multiroom 2.0 app is available now available on all compatible tablets and smartphones2.


Pricing and Availability


Samsung Series 9 JS9500 88-inch SUHD TV – RRP $24,999, available June 2015

Samsung Series 9 JS9500 78-inch SUHD TV – RRP $19,999, available April 2015

Samsung Series 9 JS9500 65-inch SUHD TV – RRP $9,999, available April 2015


Samsung Series 9 JS9000 65-inch SUHD TV – RRP $7,999, available April 2015

Samsung Series 9 JS9000 55-inch SUHD TV – RRP $5,999, available April 2015


Samsung Series 8 JS8000 65-inch SUHD TV – RRP $6,999, available April 2015

Samsung Series 8 JS8000 55-inch SUHD TV – RRP $4,999, available April 2015



Samsung Series 7 JU7500 78-inch UHD TV – RRP $10,999, available April 2015

Samsung Series 7 JU7500 65-inch UHD TV – RRP $5,299, available April 2015

Samsung Series 7 JU7500 55-inch UHD TV – RRP $3,499, available April 2015


Samsung Series 7 JU7000 85-inch UHD TV – RRP $14,999, available June 2015

Samsung Series 7 JU7000 75-inch UHD TV – RRP $9,499, available April 2015

Samsung Series 7 JU7000 65-inch UHD TV – RRP $4,999, available April 2015

Samsung Series 7 JU7000 60-inch UHD TV – RRP $3,999, available April 2015

Samsung Series 7 JU7000 55-inch UHD TV – RRP $3,199, available April 2015


Curved Soundbars

Samsung Series 6 Curved Soundbar – RRP $999, available April 2015

Samsung Series 7 Curved Soundbar – RRP $1,399, available April 2015

Samsung Series 8 Curved Soundbar – RRP $1,699, available April 2015


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1. Picture quality will depend on source content.

2. Applications may need to be downloaded. Internet connection required. Data, subscription and other charges may apply. Usage may be subject to third party service provider agreements.

3. Promotion terms and conditions apply. See for details. Netflix's UHD streaming requires a compatible UHD TV, Netflix plan that supports UHD and steady internet connection of 25Mbps or higher. Playback settings must be set to "high". If any of these requirements are not met streaming quality will be decreased. Data and subscription charges apply.

4. Performance may vary depending on source content.

5. Screen size may vary by up to 2%.

6. Wall mounts sold separately.

7. Certain features, apps and services require express consent for the collection and use of personal information and/or separately sold accessories, and are subject to third party agreements. Internet connection required. Data, subscription or other charges may apply.

8. Compatible mobile device required. Smart View App required for non-Samsung devices. WindowsTM devices are incompatible. Wi-Fi network and internet required. Data charges may apply. Source content must be different (e.g. free-to-air or USB). Dual tuner TVs can play and send two different free-to-air channels.

9. Compatible Samsung mobile device, AndroidTM operating system, Bluetooth® connection, Wi-Fi network and internet required. Data charges may apply. Mobile device cannot control TV channels.

10. Octa-Core Processor is included in Samsung SUHD JS9500 and SUHD JS9000 models only.



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