Twin Cooling Plus™
Samsung Flexible Refrigerators

Adapt to your
changing lifestyle

Expand and reduce storage space for food and drinks as needed or switch off the fridge and power only the freezer when your household is on holiday. Our flexible Twin Cooling Plus™ Refrigerators are designed to adapt to your lifestyle needs, conserve energy and provide fresh food that lasts.

Family using a Samsung Flexible Refrigerator

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Flexibility when you need it

Easily convert your freezer to a fridge and use the extra space for fresh food - perfect when you are entertaining. When you are on holiday, turn the fridge off and keep the freezer running using holiday mode.

Fridge Max Mode

Hosting a party? Make space for more fresh food and beverages by converting your freezer to a fridge. With extra storage when you need it, you can cater for nearly every occasion.

Holiday Mode

Going away for a while? De-stock your fridge and switch it off while keeping your frozen foods chill in the freezer.

Energy Saving Mode

Out of ice-cream? Turn off the freezer when you don’t need it and help reduce your power usage.

Image of Flexible Fridge Feature - Mini Fridge Mode

Mini Fridge Mode

Haven’t got much in your refrigerator? Switch off the fridge and convert the freezer into a mini fridge.


that lasts

Separate cooling systems provide up to two times more humidity, so food can stay fresher for longer.*

*Compared to Samsung All Around Cooling on selected models.

Image of QLED TV feature Direct Full Array

Keep flavours locked in

Two separate cooling systems help avoid odours mixing between compartments, so fresh and frozen foods keep their original flavour.

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