AirDresser: Child Lock and Scheduling

Last Update date : Oct 01. 2020

The AirDresser can be used to Schedule the completion time of a course. You can conveniently put your items in, set the time and have it finish at a time that best suits you.

Another feature of the AirDresser is the Child Lock, which prevents injuries that can occur due to unwanted operation by children.


Below are details on activating the Child Lock feature and also how to Schedule your AirDresser.


1 Tap the Power icon Power button to turn on your AirDresser.
Power button.
2 Tap the Schedule icon Schedule button to schedule the AirDresser completion time. Using the > Right or < Left directional button, you can set the time from 1-hour or up to 24 hours by 1-hour increments.
Schedule button. Right and Left buttons.

Please note: When the Schedule button is tapped again while scheduling, any Scheduling will be cancelled.

3 Tap and hold the Start/Pause button.

  • The Course and Schedule lights will flash up until the course time is due to start. The Schedule light will turn off when the course starts.
Start/Pause button.

Please note:

  • The actual completion time may vary depending on the condition of clothing and surrounding temperature.
  • Scheduling will be cancelled if you pause the schedule and change the course.

Child Lock

1 Tap the Power button Power button to turn on your AirDresser.
Power button.
5 Tap and hold the Child Lock button Silent button for 3 seconds.

  • The Child Lock can also be activated by tapping and holding the Silent button for 3 seconds after a course has started.
  • When activated, Child Lock deactivates all buttons except the Power button.
Child Lock icon

Please Note:

  • Child Lock activation is not affected by turning on/off the power.

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