How to save on your energy use

Last Update date : Oct 02. 2020

Enjoy the freshest food and drinks, without the stress. Here are some simple ways you can minimise the power your fridge uses.


Start by ensuring your fridge is in a cool, dry room with adequate ventilation and away from direct sunlight and any heat sources. Then, follow our seven steps to save energy:

1 Ensure you don't block any vents or grills.
2 Allow warm food to cool down before placing it in your fridge
3 Put frozen food in the fridge to thaw. The low temperatures of the frozen products will cool your other food.
4 Don't keep the door open for too long.
5 Clean the rear of the fridge regularly, as dust increases energy consumption.
6 Don't set the temperature colder than necessary.
7 Ensure sufficient air exhaust at the fridge base and at the back wall of the fridge. Don't cover air vent openings.

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