Samsung Fridge making a vibrating noise

Last Update date : Nov 17. 2020

All different brands of fridges will make a vibration sound, it’s usually the compressor just doing its job. There are a couple of different ways to try to reduce a vibration sound coming from Samsung fridges. Have a look at the page on Normal Fridge Sounds for other types of noises Samsung refrigerators might make.

Make sure the fridge is level

A fridge might make more noise if it isn’t on a stable surface or is tilted too far one way or another. The best thing to do is download a level app onto a mobile phone and check that the fridge is as level as can be. Check the full user manual for your specific fridge for instructions on adjusting the levelling feel at the front of the fridge if you need to make adjustments.

Check there’s enough space

Make sure your fridge can breathe inside and out. Samsung fridges are designed to expel heat through vents at the sides, back and top. For best performance a minimum of 50mm to the back, sides and top of the fridge is recommended. Check the page on Recommended fridge ventilation for more information.


If your fridge is full up to the brim, the vents on the inside of the fridge might be blocked; this can cause the compressor to have to work even harder, which might result in a louder-than-normal vibration sound. Ensure there is enough space around the ventilation system inside the fridge.

Please Note: Too much or too little inside the fridge can cause the compressor to have to work harder. Having a fuller fridge can help maintain the temperature inside. You can always throw a couple of bottles of water to help the fridge stay cool.

If you can’t hear the TV over the sound of the fridge, please get in touch with our Samsung Care experts on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia) or contact our Chat Support team to organise a technician to come out and diagnose further.

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