How do I fix my POWERstick PRO?

Last modified : Apr 24. 2020

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Please see below for troubleshooting steps for some basic issues you may encounter with the POWERstick PRO.

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Troubleshooting steps

The battery doesn't chargeClick to Expand
  • Check if the battery level indicator is on. The battery level indicator blinks while charging. It will stop blinking when completely charged and the light level will dim.
  • Check the voltage and make sure to connect the adapter to a power source of AC 200 V/60Hz
  • Check the charging terminal is free of dust or other material - use a cotton swab or soft cloth to clean 
  • Check the rubber sealing on the bottom of the battery is not protruding - press it back into place if it's covering the charging terminals
  • The battery will charge without being connected to the vacuum - a second battery can charge while usng the original
The vacuum won't turn onClick to Expand
  • The vacuum will not power on while on charge
  • Check the power is on - the indicator led should be lit
  • Check the battery percentage by attaching it to the power adapter cradle
  • Check to see the dust bin or brush is not blocked
  • If the vacuum has not been used in a long period of time, make sure to charge it fully before attempting to use it
There's a sudden whirring sound while cleaning before it powers offClick to Expand

If the battery runs out while in use, the sound from the motor will change and the vacuum will stop.

Using the vacuum continuously in Turbo mode will use up 100% of the battery in 5 to 7 minutes 

The Turbo or Soft Brush accessory stops spinningClick to Expand
  • The Turbo Action and Soft Action Brush have motor overheating protection measures built in. If a foreign substance activates it, the spinning brush will stop. If this is the case, the brush won't spin even if the power is on.
  • Try turning the vacuum off and check there is nothing caught in the dust bin, brush head, extention pipe etc. Remove any foreign materials and turn the power back on.
  • If the brush is not installed correctly it will not spin - the spinning brush and motor are interlocked. Disassemble the spinning brush to make sure nothing is catching and reassemble.
  • The Turbo Action brush is not suitable for cleaning sofas and bedding - the fabric may catch and interfere with the overheating protection causing the brush to stop spinning.
  • Try not to use Turbo mode on thick or heavy carpet - the tension against the brush with thicker fibres may cause the brush to overheat.
The vacuum has weak suctionClick to Expand

Check for foreign material that may be clogging the suction. The vacuum's 150W power is one of the most powerful on the market. 

Extra batteries are available for purchase if you prefer to use Turbo Mode continuously.


If the vacuum is weak all of a sudden during use:

  • Check all the parts for a blockage
  • Check the dust bin and empty if necessary
  • Check if the filter is dirty and clean if necessary
  • Check if the battery is empty and recharge it if necessary
Dust is collecting only in one side of the canisterClick to Expand

Dust sucked into the canister spins around to separate the large particles from the small ones. If there are larger pieces of debris or lumps of dust they may collect on one side of the canister.

When this happens - clean the dust canister and grill filter. It's good practice to empty the dust canister regularly (even when not close to full) - the flow path can still be blocked by larger clumps which will result in a weakened suction strength

The vacuum stops after a short cleaning timeClick to Expand

The vacuum has Motor Protection and will stop if the dust canister or filter is too full/dirty. If the vacuum only runs for around 8 seconds it is likely the filter that needs attention. The motor will have a higher RPM if the filter is cleaned correctly.

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