Setting up your Side by Side fridge

Last Update date : Jul 08. 2021

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Follow our simple checklist to ensure your fridge is set up and ready to keep everything fresh at your place.

This guide applies to fridges with model number SRS673DMB, SRS692NMB, SRS689MMB and SRS693NLS. If you have a different fridge, you can find support information here.

Choose the right position.

To ensure your fridge works as efficiently as possible, select a location that has:


  • A solid, level surface without carpeting or flooring that may obstruct ventilation.
  • Plenty of room for opening and closing the doors.
  • No direct sunlight and away from a heat source.
  • Room temperatures between 5°C and 43°C.
  • Enough space around your fridge: 50mm from each side and 100mm from the top. For more information, click here.
Attach the spacer.

The spacer is the small block that attaches to the back of your fridge to ventilate the rear wall and help save on power consumption. To install yours:

1 Open the door and find the provided spacer inside (it may also be in your accessories pack).
2 Unpack the spacer and attach it to the back of your fridge as shown.
Move it into position.

Once you've selected the right location and attached the spacer, you can slide your fridge into position. Make sure you have someone to help.


Your fridge must be levelled on a flat, solid floor. Failing to do so can cause damage to the fridge or injury.


Level the fridge

If your fridge isn't level, simply adjust each leveller (a special screw) on the front legs with a flat-head screwdriver. Turn the leveller clockwise to raise, or counter clockwise to lower.

Levelling feet on Side by Side Fridge

Things to remember


  • Your fridge must be empty before you level it. Make sure you haven’t left anything inside.
  • For safety, adjust the front side a little higher than the rear side.
  • For more information, see page 30 of your user manual here.
Need to adjust the height of your doors?

If you’ve noticed your fridge doors aren’t quite lining up, you can adjust their height individually. Here’s how.

1 Open the door you want to adjust, and locate the two nuts (A) and (B) at the front bottom.
Locate nuts.
2 With a 19mm spanner (not provided), turn the clamp nut (A) clockwise to loosen it. Then do the following inside the door:

  • To raise the door, turn the height nut (B) counter clockwise.
  • To lower the door, turn the height nut (B) clockwise.
Loosen nut.
3 Once you’re happy with the height, tighten the clamp nut (A) by turning it counter clockwise.
Tighten nut.
Get it working.

Once your fridge is in position, plug in the power cord and turn it on. Open the door and check the interior light turns on automatically.

Set the right temperature.

To manually adjust the temperature, press the Fridge or Freezer button until you reach the desired temperature.

Set temperature.

  • When using your fridge for the first time, start by setting the lowest temperature for both the fridge (1°C) and freezer (-23°C), and wait for 2-3 hours before loading any food or drinks.
  • After this, you can set your fridge and freezer to your desired temperature. We recommend 3°C for your fridge and -19°C for your freezer.
  • When your fridge and freezer reach the set temperature, they’re ready for use.
Check your ice and water dispenser.

If your fridge has an Auto Ice Maker, click here for setup instructions.

Need more information? You can download your user manual here. Otherwise, call our Samsung Care experts on 1300 362 603 or contact our Chat Support team.

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