The AirDresser has an Odour.

Last Update date : Oct 01. 2020

If you are using the AirDresser on your unwashed sports gear or any other type of clothes that may have a build-up of odour, over time those clothes may have left a slight smell in your AirDresser.


Below you will find what to do if this is happening to your AirDresser.

1 Operate the Room Care course without putting any clothes inside the AirDresser.
2 When the course is done, open the AirDresser and door and ventilate.
3 Clean inside the AirDresser with a clean soft towel.

Generally, when you purchase new appliances and used for the first time, there may be a smell similar to plastic. After you have used your appliance up to 4 or 5 times, the smell will generally disappear.


If you think the AirDresser will not be getting used in a long time, empty the water tank and wipe the tray clean. When you want to use the AirDresser again after a prolonged period of time, fill the water tank with fresh water and run the Sanitise course.


There’s hair or dirt on the inside of the AirDresser.

The AirDresser is driven by air and steam. Dust will be blown by the air stream and collected by the dust filter, but long hair and other foreign substances fall to the floor. If this happens, please clean the foreign substances onto the floor or into a dustpan after using.

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