Why does my washing machine display UE or DC error code?

Last modified : May 14. 2018

The UE or DC error code indicates that the laundry load is unbalanced. UE error code refers to newer models and the DC refers to slightly earlier models, however, they interchangeably mean the same. As the error occurs due to an unbalanced load, redistribute the items inside the washer and press the Start/Pause button to clear this error. Redistribute the load as per the recommended chart below:

Determining the load capacity:


Do not overload the washing machine otherwise your laundry may not wash properly. Use the chart below to determine the load capacity for the type of laundry you are washing. 

Load capacity

Fabric Type 

Load Capacity 


- Average/Lightly soiled

- Heavily soiled 

10.0 kg 


5.0 kg 


3.0 kg 


2.5 kg 

Outdoor wear 

2.0 kg 


2.0 kg 

Please note:


●      The above table refers to a WF1104 model washing machine, for more releveant information please download a copy of User Manual from Manuals and Softwares Downloads and select your model type.

●      When the laundry is unbalanced UE lights up on the display, redistribute the load, if the laundry is unbalanced, the spin efficiency may be degraded.

●      When washing bedding or bedding cover, the wash time may be lengthened or the spin efficiency may be dedegraded.

●      For bedding or bedding cover, the recommended load capacity is 2.5 kg or less.

Sometimes the error may be due to natural reasons related to the machine (Example Out of balance suspension). You can start by checking if the washing machine is levelled correctly. Most washing machines have 2 front adjustable levelling legs (Others have all 4 adjustable legs) with a locknut. Turn each adjustable leg until the washing machine is sitting flat on the ground and tighten the locknut against the body of the machine to avoid the legs to become loose.
Finally make sure the legs of the washing machine are firmly in contact with the ground and washing machine is levelled correctly. You can use a spirit level or even the level on your smart phone to confirm this. Also make sure the washing machine is sitting on a firm and a hard surface, if not move the washer to a different location to prevent this issue. Once adjusted redistribute the load on the washing drum and press the Start/Pause button to clear this error.


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