Connecting your Samsung products to the SmartThings app

Last modified : Mar 27. 2019
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Your smart home needs a brain, so get started with SmartThings. SmartThings connects wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and makes them work together. Select from the below options to learn about compatible devices that can be controlled within SmartThings and connecting them to your smartphone.

Checking CompatibilityClick to Expand

If you are unsure if your Samsung Product is compatible to be connected to SmartThings you can check via the below steps;

1 Head into your SmartThings menu > How to use
select how to use
2 Tap on Supported Devices
select supported devices
3 Select the Home Appliance you would like to check
select the home appliance you would like to check
4 Scroll through the list of compatible devices or search for your device using the search icon located at the top right of the page
scroll through list of compatible devices
Connecting your Compatible DeviceClick to Expand

Once you've confirmed that your device is compatible to connect through SmartThings, ensure that both your mobile device and compatible product are connected to the same router. If you're connecting a Samsung Product with and LCD you will need to enter the password into the internal settings of that product. Once you connect the two devces in the initial setup, you will be able to control your devices wherever you are so long as the devices and your smartphone are connected to an internet connection.

For Example: Connecting your QA75Q9FNAWXXY TV, you will first need to plug the ethernet cable to the TV or connect via Wi-Fi connection. You will then need to connect your smartphone to the same internet connection then proceed with the below steps.

Need help connecting your Samsung TV to an internet connection? Check out our Guide Connect a Samsung TV to the Internet for step by step insturctions.

Please Note:

  • If the device is too far from the router, the network connection may be unstable. Refer to the instruction manual provided with the router for details on its effective range.
  • Connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi network at the location where the router is installed, then check the reception. Three or more Wi-Fi network antenna bars should be displayed for a stable connection.
  • If the device is too far from the router and this causes the network connection to be unstable, install an additional router or a repeater to extend the coverage area.
1 Launch the SmartThings app
open smartthings app
2 Tap the 3 Dots on the right side of the page
tap 3 dots
3 Seelct Add Device
select ad device
3 Either select Auto Detect to detect any compatible devices in your area or select a product to locate a specific device
select either auto detect or select the product you would like to connect to
4 Tap on your device, select your preferred Location and room for your device
5 Allow your smartphone to connect to your device successfully. It may take some time to connect the two depending on the strength and stablity of your internet connection
phone and TV connecting
6 Once the two devices have established a connection, enter the PIN dispalyed on the device into your smartphone, then tap DONE
enter pin on TV
7 Once the PIN has been entered into your smartphone successfully, allow your TV to be registered to your Samsung Account
tv being registered to samsung account
5 When the registration is complete, your Samsung Porduct will appear in its designated location.
complete setup

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