Using Find my Earbuds

Last Update date : Oct 20. 2020

Lost one of your Galaxy Buds in the couch or just forgot to put it in its case? Follow the below guide to learn how to use Find my Earbuds when you've misplaced your Galaxy Buds.

In order to use this setting, your buds MUST be connected to your mobile device using the Galaxy Wearable app. The Galaxy Buds must also be within Bluetooth range to successfully locate them. Unfortunately if you have misplaced them while they are in the case, you will not be able to use this setting.

Please Note: This guide is designed for Australian variant devices, if you have an international device and require further assistance click here to reach out to your Samsung Subsidiary.

1 Head into the Galaxy wearable app icon Galaxy Wearable app
Tap on the Galaxy wearable app
2 Tap on Find My Earbuds
Select Find my earbuds
3 Tap on start icon to start locating your Buds.

Your Buds should start beeping.
Tao on start
4 Once you've found your buds tap on stop ringing icon to stop the ringing.
Once you have located the buds either place them in their case or tap on the stop button

If you have found one of your missing Buds, you can tap on mute icon under that specific Bud to mute the sound. Unfortunately if one Bud displays disconnected icon this means that either the Bud isn't within its Bluetooth range or its battery may be drained. If this icon is displayed under a Bud, you will not be able to use Find my Buds setting to locate the missing Bud.

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