How do I install Smart Tutor for remote support?

Last modified : Jun 28. 2018
Smart Tutor for Samsung Mobile

Are you having a problem with your phone or tablet? Need help setting it up, or just want to learn about a new feature?

Let our remote support experts help. The Smart Tutor app will connect you and your device remotely to one of our experts, who can securely access your device and provide the support you need. This is a free service, but it's best to run it on a Wifi network so you don't use up any mobile data! 

If you have at least the Android version 4.0.x (Ice Cream Sandwich) on your Galaxy device, you can find the Smart Tutor app in Google Play or Samsung Galaxy App Store and download and install them from there. 


For steps to install from the Google Play Store, please see below.

1 From the Homescreen, Open the Google Play Store
Open Google Play
2 Tap in the white search bar at the top of the page to bring up the keyboard
Tap the search field
3 Type Smart Tutor and select the Icon with the headset "Smart Tutor for SAMSUNG mobile"
Select Smart Tutor
4 Select Install , wait for the download to complete, and then select Open
Tap Install and then Open
5 When Smart Tutor opens, Select OK at the bottom of the screen to get started
Select OK
6 Smart Tutor needs certain permissions to run properly
Select Authority Mode at the bottom of the page and there will be several permissions to Allow
Allow Permissions for Smart Tutor to run
7 Make sure that the Country or Region at the top is Australia and agree to the terms and continue to be able to continue.
Agree to terms and conditions
8 If you're already on the phone to one of our Samsung Care experts, you can cancel the call dialog.
Select call to have your device call through to our 24/7 Support line 1300 GALAXY (Toll Free)
Call Our Samsung Care experts
9 Your Samsung Care Agent will provide a 6 digit code to enter in.
For security, each code only works one time, so there's no need to write it down.
When the numbers are entered in, select Done
Enter 6 digit code
10 Select Remote Control on the bottom right hand side to start your session
Select Remote Control
11 Smart Tutor will automatically open to your device Settings

Please Note: "Smart Tutor is Active" will display on the bottom left of the screen while the session is active  

Smart Tutor is Active
12 Drag down from the top of the screen to access Smart Tutor in the Notification Panel
Select the notification to bring up Chat, Lock and Disconnect options to control the Smart Tutor app.
Smart Tutor Options during operation

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