My SD card is not being recognised

Last modified : Jan 15. 2018

SD Card


If your SD card is not being recognised, a message that the SD card has been removed may appear at the top of the screen. This could possibly be due to a damaged SD card.


In the event that the SD card is not being detected by your device, try the following steps:


● Step 1: Check if there is a message stating that the SD card is not recognised.


○ If YES, connect the SD card to the PC and check if it is readable. Please ensure that you unmount the SD card before removing the SD card from your device. 


If NO, clean and re-install the SD card. Sometimes, the SD card cannot be properly recognised due to a foreign substance on your SD card. Please ensure that you unmount the SD card before removing the SD card from your device. 


● Step 2: If the SD card is readable and has been recognised by your PC, format the SD card using the PC. Ensure that you have created a backup of your data saved in the SD card first. Once SD has been reset, put it back into your device and check to see if it is readable by your device.


If your SD card is still not readable and has not been recognised by your PC, the issue may be with your SD card.


● Step 3: If you have reset your SD card and is currently still not readable by your device, test another SD which is a known working SD card on your device to see if it is working fine. Check the following:


○ If the other SD card is readable, the original SD card may be defective.


If the SD card is still not being recognised, please kindly contact Samsung for further assistance.

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