Galaxy Buds Troubleshooting

Last modified : Mar 08. 2019

If you've successfully Set up the Galaxy Buds and learnt all about how to Use the Samsung Galaxy Buds; you hopefully won't run into any trouble. This page covers some quick tips for Bluetooth and other issues; if you're having trouble with the Galaxy Buds and you can't find the right answers, get in touch with our Samsung Care experts at Samsung Live Chat Australia or call 1300 425 299 (Toll Free in Australia).

Reset Galaxy Buds:

Open the Galaxy Wearable app, select the About Earbuds option at the bottom, and select Reset Earbuds. The Galaxy Buds need to be paired with the device to perform a reset.

Restart the Galaxy Buds:

If the Galaxy Buds touchpad won't work, or they are otherwise unresponsive, you can restart the Galaxy Buds by putting each of the earbuds into the respective slots in the case and remove them after at least 7 seconds. Keep the case open while restarting.

Bluetooth Issues:

The Galaxy Buds are Bluetooth v5.0 earbuds; which should mean less interference and disconnection with compatible mobile devices. The performance of the Galaxy Buds is going to be best within 10m (or 32 feet). 


Bluetooth disconnection issues:

  • Ensure there are no obstacles like concrete walls or electrical equiptment between the paired devices
  • Make sure to install all available updates to the Galaxy Wearable app
  • Power off both devices, and pair the earbuds once again after restarting 


Bluetooth connection issues:

  • The Galaxy Buds will exit Bluetooth pairing mode after 3 minutes. Insert the Galaxy buds back into the case and open the case to enter pairing mode again. 
  • You can manually enter Bluetooth pairing mode using the touchpad: Tap, then Tap & Hold the Galaxy Bud.
  • Make sure the mobile device is within 10m (32ft) of the Galaxy Buds when trying to pair initially.

Phone Calls & Audio Quality:

Can't hear other end on phone calls:

  • Adjust the earbud volume with the touchpad (if you have selected volume control as a gesture)
  • Adjust the volume on the connected mobile device


Echo during calls:

  • Adjust the volume on the connected mobile device, or try moving to another area with better quality signal.


Poor Audio Quality:

  • Make sure to use appropriately sized ear and wingtips
  • Ensure the mobile device is within 10m of the earbuds while on a call
  • Make sure there is no electomagnetic interference (microwaves and fridges etc)
  • If the volume is too low, check that Media Volume Sync is enabled on the connected mobile device (if applicable)

Answering Calls Unlocks the Connected Phone:

If you've paired the Galaxy Buds to your mobile device and use them to answer phone calls, the screen on the connected device will unlock if you have saved the Galaxy Buds as a Smart Lock Trusted Device. When the Galaxy Buds are saved as a Trusted Device, they will keep the connected phone unlocked as long as they are paired.

'Find my Earbuds' won't work:

 If there is any debris covering the sensors on the earbuds, the Find My Earbuds function may not work properly. Make sure to wipe the earbuds with a dry, clean cloth regularly. If any sensors are covered with debris, the touchpad and automatic mute functions may not work correctly.

Galaxy Bud Case won't close:

Be careful to match the earbuds with their corresponding positions when replacing them into the case. The left and right earbuds might not allow the case to close or charge if the earbuds are put in the wrong way around. If the wingtips are not attached correctly the earbuds might not sit inside the case correctly. See the steps on how to attach the wingtips on the page Setup and Pair the Galaxy Buds.

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