Using Bixby on a Samsung Watch

Last Update date : Oct 01. 2020

Want to quickly start a workout, call someone from your contact list and send a friend a quick text without having to whip your Galaxy phone out? Use Bixby on your Samsung Watch to easily send off that text, call your mates, set reminders or start a workout. Follow the below guide for step-by-step instructions.

Please Note: This guide is designed for Australian variant Galaxy devices, if you have an international device and require further support click here to get in touch with your Samsung subsidiary. The below screenshots were captured from a Galaxy Watch Active2 operating on One UI Watch Version 1.5, settings and screenshots available may vary depending on your device and software version.

Prior to following the below steps ensure that you have paired your Samsung watch to your Galaxy phone, setup Bixby on your connected mobile device and have a strong internet connection - either using your Wi-Fi network or mobile data.

Setting up Bixby
1 Press the Home button to access your Apps Tray and launch Bixby Icon Bixby
Select Bixby
2 Allow the Bixby Voice permissions
Allow Bixby Voice Permissions
3 Follow the on-screen instructions then tap on blue arrow icon until you have completed the set up
Completing Bixby Voice Set up
4 Once the setup is complete you will be able to use Bixby Voice on your Samsung watch
Bixby setup complete
Launching Bixby
1 There are two ways of waking up Bixby Voice, the first way is by quickly double pressing the Home button
Double press Home button
2 The second way if by waking up the screen and saying "Hi, Bixby..." Once Bixby has been activated Bixby Voice will listen for your command.
Bixby voice listening
Calling Contacts
1 Once you have launched Bixby you can request to call someone from your saved contact list. Alternatively you can read out a number you would like Bixby to call
Call Work Phone
2 Bixby will search through your contact list and reconfirm the action, if the contact is incorrect simply tap on Cancel. If the contact number is right, Bixby Voice will proceed to call
Confirming number to call
3 Depending on the specifications of your Samsung Watch, you will either be able to continue the call from the watch or be directed to continue the call from your phone.
Calling work phone

If you would like to continue to answer the call from your Samsung Watch check the device specs to see if your watch has a microphone and speaker. If they do not have both you will be directed to answer the call from your connected phone.

Sending Text Messages
1 Launch Bixby and say "Send a text message..."
Send a text message saying "hello, How are you?"
2 Bixby will ask who you would like to send the text message to, you will need to confirm the contact before the text has been sent.
How would you like to send the message to
3 If you would like to review the text message simply head into Messages Messages and select the message conversation
Open Message app to view sent text
Setting Reminders
1 Wake up Bixby and say "Set a reminder for..."
Set a reminder for 4 o'clock to have some water
2 Bixby will set up the reminder and advise you once saved
Done, reminder saved
3 To view your upcoming reminder, head into your apps tray and select reminder app icon Reminder
Launch Reminder app
4 You should be able to view your most recent reminder
Have some water reminder set
Starting a Workout
1 Launch Bixby and say Start tracking..."
Start tracking a run
2 There will be a 3 second countdown before your workout begins
3 second countdown
3 Bixby will start to track your workout
Bixby tracking workouts

If you are noticing Bixby isn't responding to you when you wake up your screen, check that you have enabled Voice wake-up.

1 Launch Bixby Icon Bixby
Select Bixby
2 Tap on three dots
Bixby setup complete
3 Check to see if Voice wake-up is set On, if this setting has been disabled tap on Voice wake-up and adjust accordingly.
Check Voice wake-up is set to On
4 Toggle on Voice wake-up
Toggle on Voice wake-up



When you ask a question or issue a request, Bixby Voice accesses location information obtained from your device if ‘Location’ is turned on in your device settings, and will use that location information as necessary to answer a question you ask or respond to a request you make (e.g. if you ask “How’s the weather today?”, Bixby Voice will use your location data to figure out the correct weather information to provide to you). However, Bixby Voice will not be able to access your location data if you have turned ‘Location’ off in your device settings.

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