Samsung Blu-ray player won't play discs

Last modified : May 28. 2019

If your Blu-ray player does not play any discs, it may be due to a number of things from cables to settings on your TV.


However, if it is only one or two discs that do not play, check the region code, physical damage to the disc or try cleaning your Blu-ray player with cleaning tools specific for cleaning the laser within your unit. You can buy these cleaning tools from any electronics store.


Below are some tips that should hopefully fix any issues you may be having.

  • If the HDMI output is set to a resolution that your TV cannot support (for example, 1080p), then you may not see a picture on your TV.
  • Check the Blu-ray player is connected to your TV and is displaying menu options.
  • Blu-ray discs are region coded. All Samsung Blu-ray players purchased in Australia will play Region B Blu-ray discs and Region 4 DVDs.
  • Sometimes a software reset test will solve the issue. Check if the latest firmware/software is installed on your Blu-ray player.
  • If the disc is dirty and has dust, smudge marks or fingerprints on it, the disc may not play. Using a soft, dry cloth, wipe from the centre of the disc to the side in a straight line.
  • Ensure the disc is suited to be played on the DVD player. (e.g. Ultra HD Blu-ray discs will not play on standard Blu-ray players).
  • You may have a defective disc. Check for any physical damage to the disc.


You can upgrade software on your Blu-ray player via Internet or via USB, choose the most convenient method from the drop downs below:

To upgrade the software over the Internet:Click to Expand
1 Remove any discs on your Blu-ray player and press the MENU button on your remote control.
2 Select Settings.
3 Select Support > Software Upgrade.
4 Select By Internet . A prompt will appear on your Television screen that your Blu-ray player is connected to the server. If a software update is available on your Blu-ray player then an automatic download will initiate. Once software download is completed a confirmation dialog box will appear. Some Blu-ray players may request to key in the PIN for resetting/upgrade, by default the PIN is 0000, unless it was previous modified.
5 Select Upgrade Now . The Blu-ray player will install the downloaded software and restart. The device will restart after the rebooting is completed. The software update is now complete.
To upgrade the software by USB:Click to Expand

Click on the link to download the latest firmware and select the correct model for your Blu-ray player. Make sure there is no disk inside your Blu-ray player before initiating upgrade and download the firmware on the USB drive.

Please note depending on the model of your Blu-ray player the following screenshots may differ, however, the steps are still the same.

1 Once the content are download to your PC/laptop, Unzip the firmware and transfer it to a USB flash drive
Blu-ray Player cannot play discs
2 Now insert the USB drive into the Blu-ray USB port.
Blu-ray Player cannot play discs
3 Select Settings.
Blu-ray Player cannot play discs
4 Select Support.
Blu-ray Player cannot play discs
5 Select Software Upgrade.
Blu-ray Player cannot play discs
6 Select By USB.
Blu-ray Player cannot play discs
7 Select Yes. Then wait until the update is complete.
Blu-ray Player cannot play discs

If updating the Blu-ray software has not resolved your issue, you can also try Resetting the Blu-ray player back to Factory Settings. Lastly, if your Blu-ray player is not functioning correctly, it may require an assessment by a service technician. You can find the closest service location here or contact us to find out how to have your Blu-ray player repaired.

If you require more information for your product, please consult the user manual from our Manuals & Downloads page. Otherwise, please get in touch with our Samsung Care experts on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia) or contact our Live Chat Australia team.

Thank you for your feedback!

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