How to reset a Blu-ray player to Factory Settings

Last modified : Nov 16. 2018
Blu-Ray Player

If your Blu-ray player is not working properly or you want to start from scratch, please see the steps below on how to perform a Hard Reset. This will wipe all system, network, and Smart Hub settings and deletes all user information. 


If you would prefer to perform a Soft Reset on your Blu-ray player; which will keep Network and Smart Hub settings intact, see the page on How to Soft Reset my Blu-Ray player.


A Hard reset on a Blu-ray player is an option in trying to resolve any of the following issues:

  • The Blu-ray player is operating erratically or not working properly 
  • If a recent Firmware Update has caused a problem
  • If the Network Test is failing or Network Settings need to be erased 
  • If you are attempting to connect to another network or new router 
  • If you are relocating the Blu-ray player to another location/device connection 
  • If the HDMI output is set to a resolution your TV does not support


Before Starting: 

  • Remove any disc from the player. Wait for 'No Disc' to appear on the front display.
  • Be sure the player is on the Home Menu, the reset will not work if you are any other screen (Menu, Smart Hub, Settings).
  • 'Not Available' will display if a disc is left in the Blu-ray player.

Hard Reset a Blu-ray Player:

1 Turn on your Blu-ray player, and tune your TV to the input where it is connected.
2 WIth 'No Disc' showing on the display, press and hold the Stop button on the front panel for about 8 seconds, or until the display reads 'Setup'. The TV screen will show 'Resetting all settings to default values...' as the Blu-ray player powers off and resets.

Please Note: The Blu-ray player will not respond to pressing and holding the Stop button on the remote control.

3 The Blu-ray player will power on and the TV will display the initial setup screen.
Select the language to continue.
4 Select your desired screen size.
5 Connect to a network if your Blu-ray player is Wi-Fi enabled

If a Hard Reset has not resolved the issue with your Blu-ray player, it may require a service technician to make an assessment and potentially repair it. You can find the closest service location here or contact Samsung Customer Care using on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia). 

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