The Terrace Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update date : Nov 05. 2021

The Terrace offers a clear picture during the daytime with its 2,000 nits brightness but also lets you enjoy every scene clear and free from the disturbing glare of sunlight with the Anti Reflection feature.

You also have The Terrace Soundbar with its 210W Powerful Sound that overpowers the outdoor space and optimises sounds for each content using its Adaptive Sound feature which analyses sound signals and offers optimal sound.

Pair these two together and you are bound to have the best outdoor entertainment experience. Below are some of the more frequently asked questions for these products.

IIf you would like to learn more on using your Terrace TV outdoors, head to Using Outdoor Mode on The Terrace.

The Terrace Television

The Terrace Television

What does IP55-rated exactly mean?

IP (Ingress Protection) ratings are classified with a two-digit number. The first number indicates how resistant a device is to solid particles like dust, and the second number indicates how resistant a device is to water. The bigger the number of each digit, the greater the protection.

The Terrace passed the IP55 test and is highly resistant to outdoor dust and water.


Is it okay to install The Terrace under the direct sunlight?

Please avoid installing The Terrace directly under the sun. In fact, about 90% of the customers using Outdoor TVs watch them under the shade and the same goes for The Terrace, too. To build the optimal viewing environment, The Terrace should be installed under the shade, for example, on the patio.


Is it possible to have the same viewing experience as with Samsung’s other indoor TVs?

The Terrace, just like other Samsung indoor products, supports QLED 4K added to Ultra Brightness of 2,000nits enabling a screen that doesn’t look dim under the sunlight. The Terrace is specifically designed for Outdoor use with the advanced technology of indoor TVs and high brightness.

While the viewing experience with the Terrace TV is very similar to the viewing experiencing with other Indoor Samsung TVs, the audio experience may differ due to the design and requirements of this device.

As The Terrace TV has been designed for IP55 Outdoor Usage, the speaker design is different from our other Indoor TVs and the sound performance may vary due to this. Keeping this in mind, Samsung has also released an Outdoor Soundbar designed to work alongside the Terrace TV to maximise this experience and provide an improved sound stage with this IP55 Rated Soundbar – Terrace Soundbar.


  • Whether it’s on/off, it is cold-resistant to -30℃ and heat-resistant to 50℃ heat-resting temperature.
  • From 0℃ and below, screen tearing may occur.
  • In cold weather, using Outdoor Mode(using only the backlight for keeping warmth) is recommended to ensure the stable operation. The screen may appear grey (IB included)
  • At 50℃ and above, the display luminance is automatically adjusted in order to prevent overheating (2,000nits → 1,500nits).

The Terrace Soundbar

The Terrace Soundbar and One Remote.

Is it safe enough to use the device in the outdoor environment?

The Terrace Soundbar, which passed the IP55 test just like The Terrace, is highly resistant to extreme outdoor weather conditions including dust, temperature change and humidity.


Is there any advantage if The Terrace Soundbar and The Terrace are bought together?

It is very easy to connect The Terrace Soundbar to The Terrace using a wireless connection and you can control The Terrace and The Terrace Soundbar together using the One Remote Control. Also there is an in-box TV Mounting Kit that allows you to install the Soundbar, either on the wall or under the TV, easily and neatly.


Does The Terrace Soundbar provide enough bass sound?

The Terrace Soundbar is equipped with built-in woofers. Also, its Multi Speaker control technology moves multi-array four 5” speakers simultaneously and creates powerful bass sound that is comparable to the one created by 6.5” subwoofer.


How do I TV-Mount or Wall-Mount my Soundbar?

Fix the in-box bracket on the wall or below the TV using the provided screws in the package, and just hang your Soundbar on the lower part of TV mount bracket.


Is it possible to match The Terrace Soundbar with QLED TVs?

The Terrace Soundbar can be connected to other TVs(QLED) with an audio cable(optical) or wireless(Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), and you can experience 3.0ch / 210W sound. Also, The Terrace Soundbar can be controlled with the TV remote control.

If you require further assistance, please consult the user manual from our Manuals & Downloads page or contact our Samsung Care Australia experts on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia). You can also contact our Chat Support team or reach us through Samsung Members Community

   This product should be mounted to a wall or other suitable surface to avoid serious injury. Find out more here.


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