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For over 70 years, two towns in Far North Queensland have been fighting over which is Australia’s wettest town. But which will prove to truly be the soggiest?

Are you team Tully?

This 2,436-person town south of Cairns is famous for the local Sugar Mill, banana farms, and the Tully Gumboot - a giant statue commemorating the town's 7.9m rainfall in 1950.

Or team Babinda?

Hidden under Queensland's two highest mountains, Babinda is the "umbrella town" and reigning winner of the Golden Gumboot competition - awarded to the town with the highest recorded yearly rainfall.

Hear what the locals have to say

local persona

It’s all high tech at the Tully rain gauge.

Sugar Mill Manager, Tully QLD

local persona

The competition is fierce over who is the wettest town.

Sugar Mill Workers
Tully QLD

local persona

Babinda’s pride and joy is the golden gumboot trophy.

Passionate local, Babinda QLD

local persona

The umbrella town is famous for its yellow umbrellas.

Local Pharmacist, Babinda QLD