An Unbeatable Combination

With stunning 4K HDR picture, Game Mode, and revolutionary FreeSync support, the new Samsung QLED TV combined with Xbox One X truly delivers an immersive gaming experience.

The new Samsung QLED TV combined with Xbox One X truly delivers an immersive gaming experience.

Image of Forza Horizon 4 being played on samsung QLED TV and Xbox Image of Forza Horizon 4 being played on samsung QLED TV and Xbox

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Unleash the full potential that 4K gaming has to offer by combining your Samsung QLED TV with the Xbox One X

Samsung QLED TV with Xbox One X offer an unbeatable combination that brings together one of the world’s most powerful gaming consoles and the stunning colour and brightness that Samsung’s QLED TV can deliver for an incredibly advanced 4K gaming experience.

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Be ready for the next generation of gaming. With High Dynamic Range, fast refresh rates and 4K resolution, QLED TV is designed to handle everything the Xbox One X can deliver.

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Image of Xbox One X console

Xbox One X

Games play smoothly on Xbox One X, which offers true 4K gaming, HDR and wide colour gamut – amazing companions for Samsung’s 4K HDR QLED TV panels.

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Experience the game as it was intended

Samsung’s QLED TV range can deliver image clarity in most lighting environments, ideal for your favourite 4K High Dynamic Range games. New 2018 Samsung QLED TVs display incredible realism in every frame.

With incredible 4K and High Dynamic Range picture quality capabilities, the Samsung QLED TV range and Xbox One X will ensure your games look stunning.

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Get a leg up on the competition

Samsung QLED TVs feature a “Game Mode” that is designed to minimise input lag while maximising their stunning brightness. Game Mode is automatically switched on when an Xbox One X is connected.

Enjoy smooth, crisp images from sports, games and other fast action entertainment with minimal input lag and ultra fast refresh rates. Samsung’s QLED TVs provide a breathtaking experience for even your most demanding multiplayer games.

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Variable Refresh Rate

Adapt your QLED TV to your preferred type of gaming with Variable Refresh Rate Game Mode. Minimise screen tearing and input lag.

Made to last

Static elements in gaming graphics can cause screen burn-in over time. Samsung QLED TVs help protect against this, meaning you can enjoy gaming sessions on a screen that’s made to last. Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs even come with a 10 year no screen burn guarantee.*

*Terms and conditions apply. For full warranty details visit Images simulate for illustrative purposes.

Samsung’s QLED TV uses Quantum Dot material – engineered for long life, Quantum dots help protect QLED TV against screen burn damage, for brilliant images that last.

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QLED TV Benefits

From free remote replacements to free health checks, as a QLED customer you receive both Samsung Care™ and Samsung Care™ Premium benefits for added peace of mind.
Available on QLED TV purchased after 1st December 2017.


A complete gaming experience

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