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Tech Institute

Nous aidons les jeunes à se construire un meilleur avenir et à poser les fondations d’une indépendance économique en leur offrant une formation professionnelle et un emploi local aux retombées concrètes.

Paris is a city of dreams. Of course, not all of them are shiny. Will I be able to find the way to my own dream? THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED This is the story of Rodolphe Laidet. I was introduced to computers when I was little, probably when I was three or four years old. I remember seeing an old Atari ST computer while sitting on my father's lap. He was in front of the screen and I was playing with the user's manual. A dream conceived on my father's lap I was one of the top students of my year till I was in middle school; I graduated with outstanding grades. However, I quit school during my first year in high school and started learning the computer programming, networks and operating systems and on my own. That suited me better. Doubters and naysayers When you leave school at an early age, people aroung react in two different ways. Some believe in you, support your dreams and encourage you to keep going. The others, they criticize your decision and discourage your choice. After facing many social prejudices, I started to become anxious and doubt my abilities, my decisions, the future. The Darker the Nignt, the Brighter the Light Then, I learned about the Samsung Campus. After a month long, intensive selection process, Iwas admitted to the Campus. I was very happy to finally have the chance to follow my dream. The Samsung Campus gave me the opportunity to learn computer programming, which I had desired since childhood. What I really like here is that the students are allowed to run their own projects. It's fantastic to have a student like Rodolphe. He's always full of passions when talking about his two years experience at the Samsung campus. Finding the path along the way I currently work for a company called Habiteoo as a DevOps engineer. Here, I'd like to develop new concepts, new paradigms and patterns in the computer programming that would benefit the society. I would like to create innovative and efficient solutions that will improve people's lives. The information Technology developed with me and also became part of my life. With its limitless possiblilties, I'd like to spread my wings. And since the moment I've been here, I am more than confident thar finally my dream comes true. Finding one's way is always a big challenge, yet, it is possible. Now my future is in my hands

En 2018, plus de 110 000 jeunes ont participé dans plus de 30 pays. Vu le succès du programme, un nouveau Samsung Tech Institute est dès à présent lancé sous le nom de Samsung Innovation Campus.


Nous contribuons à créer des emplois en fournissant des formations professionnelles en relation avec l’IT en collaboration avec les autorités pédagogiques et les autorités locales. Les tech institutes offrent des formations différenciées et conçues sur mesure en fonction des besoins de chaque pays : centrées sur des emplois liés au logiciel dans certains pays avancés et sur la formation de customer service engineers dans des pays en développement.

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