Quantum Dot Display

Lifelike, Redefined

Feast your eyes on a palette of a billion colors.
From clear blue waters to fiery hues of the setting sun.
From the darkest shadows to the fluffy white of
clouds above. Samsung SUHD TV brings out
exceptional detail and stunning clarity with Quantum Dot color
and HDR 1000.

An image with interaction. A half of screen has a good picture quality and half is blurry image.

Search less,
enjoy more

Smart Hub

Are you juggling multiple remote controls and
multimedia devices? Samsung Smart Hub gives
immediate access to live TV, streaming movies and
games, all with just one remote control.
The entire
experience feels so natural, you’ll wonder how you
lived without it.

Different kinds of contents thumbnails are shown on TV onscreen.
  • Smart Hub
  • One Remote Control
  • Auto Detection
  • Smart View
  • Games

Curved Screen

Immersive viewing experience

Be drawn into a cinematic viewing experience with
Samsung's Curved TV.
Its optimal curvature design
drastically reduces eye-strain and automatically
adjusts contrast for a far
greater depth of field,
keeping you fully engaged in the action at all times.

Two curved Samsung TVs are standing and an amphitheater image is on a TV screen.

all around

Boundless at the edges

The TV is the centerpiece of your living space. That’s
why we designed our TVs to be stunning
from all angles with a bezel-less front and a refined back
free from unnecessary elements.
Our 360° design
represents the pinnacle of minimalist design.

Two curved Samsung TVs are facing each other and one shows streamlined clean back design.
* Marvel’s Daredevil, Marvel's Jessica Jones ⓒ 2016 MARVEL & ABC Studios