Samsung Introduces New Innovations that Matter in Cleaning

Jan 11. 2016

Practical, thoughtful features in design and functionality lead the way to make consumers' lives easier

Mississauga, ON - January 11, 2016 – Samsung Electronics Canada, one of the leaders in home appliance innovations, announced two significant additions to its laundry line-up for 2016, both of which feature intuitive design changes that translate into big benefits for consumers. These new products showcase simple, yet truly practical innovations that change the way consumers look at cleaning. Samsung debuted these innovations – alongside its other groundbreaking home appliance introductions – at CES 2016 from January 6 to 9, 2016.

"Samsung's home appliance portfolio combines beautiful design and practical innovation, helping Canadian families be more efficient in their daily lives so they have more time to spend together and experience the best of family life," said Warner Doell, Vice President, Home Appliances Sales and Marketing, Samsung Canada. "Our two latest washers provide simple yet meaningful solutions that make cleaning easier and reinforce Samsung's commitment to infusing refined style, thoughtful innovation and unmatched performance into everything we do."

Making the Washing Machine Work on Your  Schedule
Samsung recognizes that when in a rush to get laundry done, a stray sock may simply get overlooked in the race to get everything else done – so Samsung's simple, practical response is to add the industry's first "AddWash" door to its front load washer. The Samsung Front Load Washer with AddWash has a distinctive access door that makes it convenient to add any item such as a piece of forgotten laundry or extra detergent mid-cycle without the need to drain the washer or open the main washer door.

The 5.8 cu. ft. capacity can handle 3.6 baskets of laundry in a single load built into a standard 27-inch washing machine, the Samsung Front Load Washer with AddWash easily stacks up against any machine on the market when it comes to getting more laundry done, faster.

The time-saving and high-performance washer makes sure you get the clean you need in as little time as possible. From gently caring for delicate fabrics, to advanced technologies that make detergent work harder, to a full load washed in as little as 30 minutes, Samsung's Front Load Washer with AddWash can easily keep up with your family's toughest laundry tasks.

Available in Canada in Spring 2016, Samsung Front Load Washer with AddWash (model WF50K7500AV) debuts Samsung's new sleek black stainless steel finish.

A Seamless, Clean Look for Your Washing Machine
Samsung takes its revolutionary activewash™ Top Load Washer to the next level by introducing a completely new Mid Control design, putting the washer's entire control panel flat within easy reach on top of the machine. This stunningly sleek and contemporary design is as innovative as the cleaning technology inside. In addition to its more optimal positioning, the Mid Control Panel offers a new, intuitive, digital touchscreen control panel that is seamlessly built into the lid.

In the Samsung activewash™ Top Load Washer with Mid Control, the built-in activewash™ sink is larger, and deeper, creating a more optimized pre-treatment space. You can easily pre-treat and pre-soak your clothes with a water jet and gentle scrubbing surface and then pour the laundry and water directly into the washing machine drum for the wash cycle.

Samsung's Super Speed technology keeps you on schedule by shortening the wash cycle to as little as 30 minutes (up to 50 per cent faster than other machines)¹ without sacrificing performance. Its Innovative Smart Care technology and VRT® Vibration Reduction Technology complete the picture of a beautifully designed washer that is an ideal ergonomic blend of power, performance, design and environmental sensitivity.

Close attention has been paid to the washer's ecological impact. Although equipped with 5.8 cu. ft. of high performance capacity, the Samsung activewash™ Top Load Washer with Mid Control operates like a much smaller machine from an environmental standpoint with a number of settings that minimize water and temperature usage. Samsung is among the leaders in the industry for top loaders in kilowatt / year reduced power consumption and Water Factor (WF), the key measures for washer efficiency as rated by the Department of Energy's ENERGY STAR® program. And this washer is ENERGY STAR Tier¹ certified.

Beginning in Spring 2016, the Samsung activewash™ Top Loader Washer with Mid Control (model WA50K8600/AV) will be offered in Canada in a black stainless steel finish with sleek chrome detailing around the door lid. A matching dryer with the same Mid Control Panel design will also be available.

Powering Up with New Cleaning Innovations
In addition to Samsung's existing POWERbot VR9000 and POWERbot Essential Robotic Vacuums, Samsung is dedicated to enhancing the robotic vacuum market with two new additions at CES 2016: POWERbot Turbo and POWERbot Essential Wi-Fi.

Samsung's POWERbot Turbo Robotic Vacuum is a reliable cleaning partner at home. Equipped with Smart Control Wi-Fi connectivity, the vacuum enables consumers to control the movement of the vacuum remotely using their smartphone. The "Select & Go™" feature creates a virtual map of the entire home on your smartphone app, with each room that can be named individually. It then lets you pick specific areas or rooms in the home that may need cleaning. Simply select a room and the vacuum will make its way there. With an enhanced digital mapping system that can literally "see" its way around your home, Samsung's new robot vacuum delivers the ultimate clean, all without lifting a finger.

The POWERbot Essential Wi-Fi Robotic Vacuum provides unparalleled suction power and is also equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities so you can easily schedule specific cleaning times or turn the vacuum on / off.

Both robotic vacuums feature Visionary Mapping™ Plus System, with an onboard digital camera and high performance sensors that detect its surroundings and map out the optimal cleaning path. As it cleans, the vacuum stores this path as a Digital Floorplan® as the most efficient path to systematically clean your home and navigate around typical obstacles with ease. The robotic vacuums' Cyclone Force system uses strong centrifugal forces to pick up and separate dirt and debris into an outer chamber to reduce filter clogging and to maintain optimal suction power as it cleans your whole house.

Both products will be available in Canada in Spring 2016.


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¹ Normal one-hour wash can be completed in as little as up to 30 minutes as compared to Samsung WF511 washer without SuperSpeed. Based on DOE standard's average of 7.5 loads per week. DOE consumer average of 350 10-lb. loads per year with average normal wash cycle of 53 minutes equals a time savings of over 3 hours per week