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Remote Work

Work efficiently from anywhere

There is a computer monitor of a city landscape image placed on the table in the front of the living room. Sitting around the monitor is a keyboard, mouse, chair, and a desk lamp.  In the living room, you see a book shelf, gray couch, and three clocks showing New York, London, and Toyko, and a painting of a woman's silhouette on the wall.

Work smart, stay connected

More of us than ever are working at home. For some, this may be temporary but for many, this will evolve into a new normal. Although the change is initially a disruption, remote working can offer many benefits - for individuals, and businesses too. With the right technology in place, you can work from home comfortably and productively.
Samsung display solutions can help you create an ideal workspace so that you can work efficiently.

There is a man sitting in the Suitable home workspace with a kitchen in the back. He using a mouse and keyboard while looking at his monitor. In other space, is the agile and flexible team, there are six coworkers in a conference room having a video call with a large central monitor display.  In the middle of the two photos are circular arrows depicting a seamless online interaction.

The key to effective remote working

  • Work from Home
  • Virtual meeting

Work from Home

Embrace increased productivity at home

Under title "A better use of time", "Office workers spend 54 minutes commuting each day" is shown in the female office worker animated image, the woman sitting at a desk, working on a computer with books next to her. And "remote workers save 225 hours in a year by not commuting" is under an animated image of a female working from home on a computer, next to her is a lamp, and she is sitting in a yellow chair.  In between the images, it says "remote workers save the equivalent of 28 working days." With a clock icon above the text.
* Source: 2014-2018 American Community Survey 5 Year Estimates

Work smarter with a Samsung monitor

Even with home comforts and convenience, remote workers do report higher levels of stress and can struggle to find a work-life balance.
So, when you are working from home, you need to make the environment work for you.
Samsung monitors provide smart options to help you boost your productivity and regain a healthy balance between work and life.

Eye comfort
An at home work space with a gray desk chair and sweatshirt sitting on a stool. On the desk is a cordless keyboard and mouse, mug, and desk plant. In the center of the desk is a dual monitor set up, on the left monitor there are multi-colored spreadsheets and on the right the monitor shows a power point presentation.
Multi-tasking made simple
In a home office set up there is a Samsung Space Monitor laying flat on the wall. The monitor is sitting on a white desk with a desk plant, coffee mug, pencil holder, and a wireless keyboard and mouse. Next to the desk is a book shelf and a desk lamp.
Keep your desk clear

The best Samsung monitors for your home office

A curved monitor sits in the middle of the desk, sitting next to it is a pencil holder, journals, a desk plant, coaster, and wireless keyboard and mouse. In the back you can see a window and a vertical picture of mustaches behind the monitor.

Look after your eyes with a certified 1000R display

When working at a computer, you need to look after your eyes. This 1000R curvature display is industry certified for eye comfort*. Plus, its virtually borderless design minimizes any distractions.
* T55 received a high performance curved display (1000R) and eye comfort certificate from TÜV Rheinland.
In a home office set up a long curved monitor sits on a gray desk with a wireless keyboard with papers sitting next to it. On the monitor is a map of the world and it says "trade investments" on the left side of the monitor.

Sharpen your focus with our 4K monitors

Enhance work and play with an ultra HD monitor. View documents and webpages with less scrolling, split your screen and work with multiple windows comfortably, and enjoy detail in your photos, videos and games too.
In a home office set up a long curved monitor sits on a gray desk with a wireless keyboard with papers sitting next to it. On the monitor is a map of the world and it says "trade investments" on the left side of the monitor.
Aerial view of the Space Monitor home office set up, on the desk are architectural designs and a person's hands using the cordless keyboard and sketching. On the desk is a pair of glasses, a desk plant, and a journal.

Maximize your desk space with innovative design

Give yourself the space you need with the stylish and practical Samsung Space Monitor. It cleverly lays flat against the wall - helping you reclaim your desk space.

Featured products

A Samsung curved monitor showing a man surfing on a big wave, with clouds in the sky, and large mountain in the back.
T55 Series

FHD Curved Monitor with 1000R curvature and minimalist design

Samsung UHD monitor with the ground view looking up at a building that is lit up with multi-colored lights.
UR59C Series

UHD Curved Monitor with complete immersion in true detail

Samsung Space Monitor showing the convertible capabilities. With two depictions of the monitor one leaning forward to lean on the desk and the other standing up straight to lean against the wall. Both monitors have a picture of a city sky line.
SR75 Series

UHD Monitor with clamp-type stand for usable desk space

Virtual meeting

The power of video conferencing

Thanks to technology, we can easily communicate with each other across the world. For businesses, video conferencing can capture the benefits of face-to-face communication and helps boost performance, productivity and collaboration.

Maximum performance with graph
Maximize performance

Emails and instant messages can waste time and lead to miscommunication. Video conferencing brings everyone together to talk and be accountable.

Improve productivity with a stopwatch
Improve productivity

Meeting virtually saves on travel. Products can be solved faster - and cheaper. Video calls can even be used for customer communication and hiring.

Enable effective collaboration with personal network
Enable effective collaboration

The potion for visuals helps keep attendees engaged. The ability to record and distribute video meetings provides greater flexibility and convenience.

A man is working on the Samsung Flip monitor, with a video camera at the top of the monitor. At the top of the monitor there are three people in a video conference. The screen shows blueprints for architectural plans and a rendering of the house.

Transform video conferencing with Samsung SMART Signage

Samsung SMART 4K signage creates effective and beautiful meeting experiences - no complex setup or technical knowledge needed. With best-in-class video conferencing, collaboration options, and a diverse range of solutions - from standalone signage to the Flip - Samsung enables the future of work.

A mounted 4K signage monitor displays and animation for a "progress report" with multi-colored data.
Optimal viewing experience
Three Samsung Signage monitors stacked in a gradient in front of each other with the smallest monitor in to the largest monitor. On the monitor screen is a picture of a blue sky, gondola and boats on water with buildings lining the water.
Various lineup
Mounted Samsung Flip with a small box at the top of the screen showing a conference room with five people in it. On the monitor are slide of orange and pink arrows in pointing to iconed circles and a web with the word "project" in the middle.
Intelligent video conferencing

Video conference solutions to improve collaboration

Unite Samsung’s powerful display technology and Cisco’s advanced meeting solution to improve the accessibility and quality of your meetings. Webex on Display has customizable options for meeting rooms, covering room sizes and brightness.

Webex on Display
A man tablet in his hands has the same screen that is on the monitor on his tablet where he is able to control the screen. On the top of the screen there are four people in a conference room listening on the call. The screen shows a gray graph with multi-colored data in the graph.
Webex on Flip

Easily share ideas with colleagues by combining Cisco’s video conferencing with our innovative interactive whiteboard technology. Webex on Flip lets your team intuitively collaborate in real-time from anywhere with two-way whiteboarding.

In a conference room with five people, one man is standing up and he is writing "Webex on Flip" in multi-colored letters on the Samsung Flip monitor. On top of the monitor is a video camera with a picture of another conference room on a conference call.

Featured products

A Samsung monitor with a blue sky with clouds, gondola, canopies and boats with colorful buildings lining the water.
QMR Series

Display any content 24/7 in ultra-high definition with incredibly rich color on slim, efficient signage.

A Samsung monitor with a sunset, purple, pink, and yellow sky. There are birds flying in the sky. There is a skyline in the background, trees and a bridge with lights stretching from one end to the other end. Under the bridge is water that has a reflection of the bridge and sky.
QBR Series

UHD display that engages customers with lifelike images through innovative and unique picture-enhancing features.

The Samsung Flip monitor shows multi-colored pictures and block writing. In the middle, it says "graphic facilitation" and there are drawings of light bulbs and question marks across the screen.
WMR Series

Revitalize productive collaboration through refined interactive e-board technology